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CICD DevOPs Tools for Automation Testers Selenium

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to CICD for Automation Testers Course
Course Contents

DevOPs - About CICD (Contineous Integration, Contineous Deployment / Delievery) :
What is DevOPs
Introduction to CICD - Detailed CI
Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Creating Selenium Test Cases (GUI Tests and API Test projects) :
Create Selenium Tests - Part1
Create Selenium Tests - Part2

All about GIT and GITHUB (SCM tool) :
What is GIT and GITHUB (Verson Contol Systems)
Install Git and Create account on GitHub
GIt Operations, Add code to GitHub

All about CI tool - Jenkins :
Jenkins Introduction, Installation, plugin install, Configure
Create new Job, Execute Maven project Test cases
Jenkins - Editable Email Notification

Code Quality Check using SonarQube :
Code Quality Check -Why Static Code Analysis
SonarLint in Eclipse IDE
SonarQube Installation
SonarCloud setup
SonarQube SonarCloud and Jenkins Integration
Quality Gates in SonarQube
Quality Profile and Rule in SonarQube

Selenium Grid - Parallel Test Execution :
What is Selenium Grid, Hub and Nodes
Install Selenium Grid
Test Execution through Selenium Grid and Jenkins

BrowserStack - Cloud based platform as like Selenium Grid :
Test Execution from BrowserStack - Cloud based platform

Docker - Containerization platform - Test Execution on Docker machine :
Docker Introduction, Containers, Process of working
Docker installation on Windows, About Docker hub
Basic Docker Commands
Selenium Grid Installation on Docker, Run Test cases on Grid - Docker
Docker -Selenium Gird Test Exeuction from Jenkins, VNC viewer to view Test UI

Create Bug Automatically in JIRA- JIRA Rest API :
JIRA Rest API - Create bug automatically in JIRA for failed test cases

Jenkins Pipeline for Contineous Integration setup :
2 lectures
Jenkins pipeline - Old Style - LInk two or more jobs in jenkins
Jenkins pipeline - Declarative Pipeline for Contineous Integration