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Character Concept Design for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Before you Draw :
What Are You Designing for?
Brainstorming using a mindmap
refining the ideas
Using the Character Sheet.
Color Thoery/Meaning and Character
Assignment 1

Using and Understanding Basic Shapes in Design :
The Circle
The Square
The Triangle
Abstract Shapes
Assignment 2

Archetypes :
Protagonist Male
Protagonist Female
Antagonist Male
Antagonist Female
Assignment 3

Thumbnailing :
What is Thumbnailing
Styles to Use
Using Lines to thumbnail
Starting with a Silhouette
Painterly approach
Symmetry Tool for Thumbnailing
Assignment 4

How to Use Reference :
How to Gather reference
Where to keep and organize your reference.
Understanding vs. Copying
Assignment 5

Refining Your Thumbnails :
Intro to Refining your Thumbnails
Refining Silhouette Thumbnails part One
Refining Silhouette Thumbnails part Two
Refining Silhouette Thumbnails part Three
Refining Linear Thumbnails
Assignment 6

Turnarounds :
Introduction to Turnarounds
Traditional Turnaround 1
Traditional Turnaround 2
Digital Turnaround Sketch
Digital Turnaround Inks
Digital Turnaround Color
Digital Turnaround 3D model
Assignment 7

Background players NPC's :
Start with what you have
Look at time Periods
Give them Jobs

How to Draw Wrinkles and Folds :
Drawing Wrinkles Intro
Simple Fold
Drop Fold
"Diaper" fold
Spiral Fold
Zig Zag Fold

How to Design a Superhero Costume :
Color Scheme
Style : Flyer
Style : Shadow
Style : Tech
Style : Sentai

How to Draw Fantasy Armor :
Introduction to Armor
Fantasy Armor Overview
Fantasy Armor : Helmet
Fantasy Armor : Collar
Fantasy Armor : Shoulder
Fantasy Armor : Torso
Fantasy Armor : Arm
Fantasy Armor : Belt and Side Armor
Fantasy Armor : Leg
Fantasy Armor : Boots

How to Draw Scifi Armor :
Scifi Armor Overview
Scif Armor : Helmet
Scifi Armor: Torso
Scifi Armor : Shoulder
Scifi Armor : Arm
Scifi Armor : Pelvis
Scifi Armor : Leg
Scifi Armor : Boots

Armor Examples :
Female Fantasy Knight Example
Female Fantasy Light Armor/ Cloth Example
Scifi Soldier Example
Arm Armor Example
Boot Design example
Female Leg Armor Example 1
Female Leg Armor Example 2
Female Torso Example 1
Female Torso Example 2
Harness and Holsters
Helmet Design Example 1
Helmet Design Example 2
Male Torso Armor Example 1
Male Torso Armor Example 2

Pushing Designs Further :
Silhouette Male part 1
Silhouette Male part 2
Silhouette Female Character
How to create variants quickly
Painterly Soldier Variant

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