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Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Coloring and Painting Tools

Module 1: Light and Color Art Fundamentals :
Light, Color and the Eye
The Scale of Light
Perception of Forms
Light and Reflection
The Form Lighting Principal
Understanding Color
Color Shifting
Color Schemes
Dynamic Lighting
Atmospheric Perspective
Edge Differentiation
Module 1 Assignments
Module 1 Resources

Module 2: Using Digital Tools :
General Tools Overview
Canvas Size and Resolution Guide
Installing Brushes
Keyboard Shortcuts Guide
Brush Flow and Opacity
Blending and Color Picking
Digital Color Picker
Layers and Layer Modes
Understanding Selections
Understanding Adjustments
User Interface Layouts
Software Adaptation
Module 2 Resources

Module 3: The Character Coloring and Painting Workflow :
Workflow Overview
Digital Canvas Pre-production
Illustration Preparation
Stage 1: Local Color
Stage 2: Variations
Stage 3: Forms
Stage 4: Light 1
Stage 5: Light 2
Stage 6: Highlights 1
Stage 7: Highlights 2
Stage 8: Highlights 3
Stage 9: Dynamic Lighting
Stage 10: Contrast
Stage 11: Cast
Post-Production Adjustments
Skin Enhancement
The Secret Hair Painting Technique
Adjusting Line Color
Post Production Effects 1
Post Production Effects 2
Full Workflow Time-lapse Overview
Module 3 Assignments
Module 3 Resources

Module 4: Coloring and Painting Styles :
Introduction to Character Coloring and Painting Styles
Achieving Flat Coloring and Gradient Style Coloring
Achieving Animation and Anime Cell-Shaded Style Coloring
Achieving Digital Water-Color and Rough Style Coloring
Achieving Chunky, brush-stroked Style Painting
Achieving Smooth Painterly Style Painting
Achieving Comic Book Style Colouring
Module 4 Assignments

Module 5: Comprehensive Character Coloring and Painting Demos :
Intro to Full Demos
DEMO 1: Carmi Timelapse with Commentary
DEMO 1: Carmi Full Painting Demo
DEMO 2: ChronoViper Timelapse with Commentary
DEMO 2: ChronoViper Full Coloring Demo
DEMO 3: Hiding Something Timelapse with Commentary
DEMO 3: Hiding Something Full Painting Demo
DEMO 4: Your Call Timelapse with Commentary
DEMO 4: Your Call Full Painting Demo

Conclusion :
Conclusion to the Course

Additional Content :
DEMO: Beach Girl Full Painting Demo

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