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Character Animation with Blender for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Outline
Who is this course for?
What you'll need before you start

Concepts :
12 Principles of Character Animation
Pose 2 Pose vs. Straight Ahead Animation
Basic workflow for Character Animation
5 Annoying Things about Character Animation in Blender
Homework #1: Character Animation Concepts
4 questions

Setting Up :
Introduction to Blender
Introduction to Animation in Blender
Character Generators for Blender
Animating a Bouncing Ball in Blender
How to Approach Character Animation in Blender

Technical Concepts :
Rigs and Armatures
IK/FK Switches
The Dopesheet and NLA Editor
Graph Editor
Facial Rig

Let's Do Some Character Animation! :
Simple Walk Cycle Concept
Building a Walk Cycle
Building a Walk Cycle (Part 2)
Simple Run Cycle Concept
Building a Run Cycle (Part 1)
Building a Run Cycle (Part 2)
Best way to Approach Walk/Run Cycles in Films
Waving Arm Animation (Part 1)
Waving Arm Animation (Part 2)

Advanced Character Animation Tips :
Lip Syncing
Eye animation
Interacting with Objects
Interacting with Characters
Hair animation
Cloth animation

Conclusion :

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