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CFA Level 1 (2019) – Complete Equity Investments

Introduction :
How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

Market Organisation and Structure :
Functions of the Financial System
Assets Contracts and Markets
Financial Intermediaries
Positions and Leverage
Order Instruction
Primary Markets
Secondary Markets
Well-Functioning Financial Systems
Market Regulation
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Security Market Indexes :
Index Definition and Calculations of Value and Returns
Index Construction and Management
Uses of Market Indexes
Types of Equity Indexes
Types of Fixed Income Indexes
Alternative Investments Indexes
Comparing Types of Security Market Indexes
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Market Efficiency :
The Concept of Market Efficiency
Efficient Market Hypothesis
Market Anomalies
Behavioural Finance
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Overview of Equity Securities :
Types of Equity Investments
Private versus Public Equity Securities
Investing in Non-Domestic Equity Securities
Risk and Return Characteristics of Equity Securities
Equity Securities and Company Value
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Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis :
Uses of Industry Analysis
Industry Classification Systems
Industry Analysis - An Overview
Industry Analysis - Porter's Five Forces
Industry Analysis - Barriers to Entry
Industry Analysis - Industry Concentration
Industry Analysis - Industry Capacity and Market Share Stability
Industry Analysis - Industry Life Cycle and Price Competition
Industry Analysis - External Influences on Growth, Profitability and Risk
Industry Analysis - Sample Industry Strategic Analysis
Company Analysis
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Equity Valuation :
Intrinsic Value vs Market Price
Major Categories of Equity Valuation Models
All About Dividends
Present Value Models - Dividend Discount Models
Present Value Models - Gordon Growth Model
Multiplier Models - Price Multiple Model
Multiplier Models - Enterprise Value Model
Asset-based Valuation Models
Test Your Understanding
Summary of Valuation Models

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