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Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Objective
Success Stories
Course Roadmap
CISSP 3rd vs CISSP 4th

Information Systems Access Control :
Important Websites and Course Material
Course Materials and Study Plan
Extra Resources.
Single Sign On SSO
Cnetral Administration (RADUIS)
Access Control Attack
Intrusion Detection Systems
Penetration Testing
Acces Control Important area for the exam
Access Control Questions

Security Architecture and Design :
Common Security Architecture Frameworks
Trusted Computing Base
Security Models
TCB Vulnerabilities
Security Mode Types
Information Systems Security Standards
Security Architecture Questions

Network and Telecommunications Security :
The OSI Model
TCP/IP Model
Network Architecture Components
Network Types and Topolgies
Remote Access Technology
Wireless Network
Network Attacks
Remote Access Security Mechanisms
Network Questions

Information Security Classification and Program Development :
Classification Schemes
Security Document Types
Security Awareness and Training

Risk Management and Ethics :
What is a Risk ?
Asset Evaluation
Ethics Issues in a Computing Environment

Cryptography :
Alternative Ciphers
Symmetric Encryption
Asymmetric Encryption

Physical Security :
What Is Physical Security?
Physical Access Barriers
Power Issues

Operations Security :
Operations Security
Operations Security Control Methods

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning :
Business Continuity Plans
Business Impact Analysis
Disaster Recovery Plans
Alternate Sites

Legal, Regulations, Compliance, and Investigations :
Types of Law

Application Security :
The System Life Cycle
Software Escrow
Software Development Methods
The Change Control Process
Security Consideration
What is SQL Injection ?
SQL Injection attack
Software Control

Difference between Third Edition and Fourth Edition :
Difference between Third Edition and Fourth Edition

Are you ready for the exam? :
Are you ready for the exam ?
Practice Test
250 questions