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Certified Arduino Programmer Level I

Video Introducing this tutorial

Start Here :
Course Preview (Introduction)

Part I: The Hardware Connection, Protocol and Program :
01.Hardware Connection: UART
Part II Lecture 06: 06.Firmata Serial-USB
02.Hardware Connection: SPI
03.Hardware Connection: i2c

Part II:The Software :
Part II Lecture 00: 00.Programming Background
Part II Lecture 01: 01.Serial Monitor Display
Part II Lecture 02: 02.Analog Sensing (ADC)
Part II Lecture 03: 03.LCD Display Operation
Part II Lecture 04: Practice yourself: 04.Temperature Sensor (i2c)
Part II Lecture 05: 05.Practice yourself: SD Card Operation

Part III: The Capstone Project-uSD Temperature Logger :
Practice yourself: uSD Temperature Logger