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Certificate in QlikSense Analytics Development

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Objectives :
Introduction and welcome
Our startup needs a business plan, but what is it meant to do ?
Business Planning
11 questions
Getting started with QlikSense
Download and install QlikSense

The Language :
Metrics and KPI's what are they ?
The language
13 questions

Budgeting and KPI (goal) setting :
Where to find everything ?
Introduction to navigating the QlikSense hub
QlikSense overview
14 questions
Dimensions and Measures, what are they?
Dimensions and measures
9 questions
Create your first application (App)
The first data load
Import and load data
15 questions
Create a Pivot table
Using the pivot table for data review
10 questions
Creating charts and expression sorts
How to create and use a KPI object
Year and month filter objects
Review the section and personalize the App
Overall review of this chapter
15 questions

Some Data Science For Sales Performance :
Loading new sales data to the model
Review and check the sales data
Learn about Master Items and start using count()
Basic expressions for calculating measures
17 questions
Changing the scope using conditional expressions
More advanced expressions to calculate a variance
How to Visualise Correlation
Lateral thinking
16 questions
Adding more features to the Pivot table
Think you're an expert yet ?
13 questions
Geo Analysis (Part 1)
Geo Analysis (Part 2)
Maps and other items
12 questions

Inventory Analytics :
A conversation about the data we shall use for this section
Loading data and how to fix synthetic keys and circular references
Loading data and how to fix circular references
What have you learned about data so far
16 questions
Creating a straight table and hierarchical drill down dimensions
Creating KPI objects and coding measures
Creating combo charts and a conversation about coding Set Analysis
Dimensions and other ideas
7 questions
A conversation about coding Set Analysis
A continuation of our coding Set Analysis conversation
Coding Set Analysis for measures (Part 1)
Coding Set Analysis for measures (Final)
Check your Set Analysis status
14 questions

Online Customer Sales Analytics :
Overview the tons of new stuff in this section
Brace yourself, things are getting more advanced
8 questions
Make a new model and merge like file structures
How to discretize data for analysis (Market Segmentation)
What of banding,discretization,bucketization
7 questions
Understand what Resident loads are
What is the Lookup() function ?
Data islands and loads
20 questions
Start creating our visualizations with discretized data (Market Segmentation)
Using Sum(), Aggr() and TOTAL for advanced counting explained
Surface and test the advanced counting
Advanced counting
7 questions
Bringing it all together on a dashboard sheet
Enhance the dashboard sheet with mapping

Payroll Analytics and Pareto analysis :
Introducing Payroll with some cool new functions
Data modelling 101 in QlikSense
Data modelling 101
15 questions
Create a data analysis review sheet (Pt 1)
Create a data analysis review sheet (Pt 2)
Combining functions the RowNo(), Above() and RangeSum() for 80/20 analysis
How to do 80/20 analysis (Pt 1)
How to do 80/20 analysis (Pt 2)
How to do 80/20 analysis (Pt 3)
Bringing it all together
Final for section
15 questions

Profit and Loss including the magic of variables :
Lets explore another example of a compound key
Keys quickly
3 questions
What is a variable and how do we use them in QlikSense (Part 1) ?
What is a variable and how do we use them in QlikSense (Part 2) ?
The magic of variables
12 questions
Setting variables with date functions
Using variables in Set Analysis
Replacing simple expressions with expression variables
Embed conditional formatting expressions in variables
How to code string delimiters in a variable ?
Double check
12 questions

Tips and Tricks (Bonus lectures) :
How to create a bookmark and start on your story
How to create your story
How to share your story with others
Exporting data from QlikSense
Connect and extract data from a SQL Server database
Connect to and extract data from a web page
On tips and other aspects
16 questions
Using the Peek function to look at data
Using a script to load a raw calendar
Lets date
10 questions
How to integrate d3 visualisations
How to add a word cloud to your sheet
Linking to sheets and external URL's
App extensions
7 questions
What is data governance ?
How do I implement governance ?
10 questions
The answer to the inventory problem
The inventory anomaly
1 question
How to create mashups in QlikSense
17 questions

How to retrieve your Certificate :
Instructions to retrieve your graded certificate