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CCIE Security v5 by Khawar Butt

Video Introducing this tutorial

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs( :
IPSec LAN - To - LAN VPN using Crypto Maps
GRE Over IPSec - Tunnel Mode & Transport Mode
S-VTI - Tunnel-Interface Based IPSec
VRF Aware VPNs
Flex VPN - Site - To - Site using D-VTI & S-VTI
Flex VPN - Spoke - To - Spoke using NHRP
LAN - To -LAN VPN using Router as a CA Server

ASA Firewall :
Basic Initialization
ASA Traffic Flow - To vs Thru Traffic
ASA Management Access
ASA Routing
ASA NAT - Dynamic NAT, Static NAT & Destination NAT
ASA NAT - Dynamic & Static PAT & Policy NAT
ASA Transparent Firewalls
ASA Interface Redundancy
ASA Security Contexts
ASA Failover Active/Standby - Stateless
ASA Failover Active/Standby - Statefull
ASA Failover Active/Active
ASA Clustering
ASA VPN - ASA - To - Router LAN - To - LAN
ASA VPN - LAN - To - LAN with NAT - T
ASA VPN - Remote Access - Web VPN
ASA VPN - Remote Access - AnyConnect Client

Zone-Based Firewall :
Configuring Zone-Based Firewall

Firepower Threat Defence (FTD) :
FTD Initial Configuration - Interface Configuration - Routing Configuration
FTD - Intrusion Prevention

E-Mail Security Appliance (ESA) :
E-mail & ESA Overview
Basic E-Mail Setup
Initializing the ESA - CLI
Initializing & Implementing the ESA - GUI
Custom Filter Rules on the ESA

Web Security Appliance (WSA) :
WSA Overview
Initializing the WSA - CLI
Initializing the WSA - GUI
Configuring WCCP
WSA Filtering using Standard Categories
WSA Filtering using Custom Categories

Wireless Networking :
Wireless Networking Overview
Initializing the WLC from the CLI
Configuring a Controller-based WLAN

ISE for Wireless LANs :
Configuring the relationship between ISE & WLC
Configuring 802.1x based Wireless Authentication using ISE

ISE for Wired VLANs :
Wired ISE Overview
Configuring the relationship between ISE & Switch
Configuring Wired ISE using Dot1x Authentication with VLAN Assignment
Configuring Wired ISE with DACL
Configuring MAB

ISE Device Administration :
ISE Device Administration Overview
Configuring Device Administration - Router
Configuring Device Administration - ISE

Router & Switch Security Features :
Configuring NTP
Configuring an Anti-Spoofing ACL & uRPF
Configuring a DHCP Server and a DHCP Relay Agent
Configuring a Router to send logs to a Syslog Server
Configuring Port-Security on a Switch
Configuring DHCP Snooping
Configuring ARP Inspection
Source Guard
Configuring VLAN ACLs