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Udemy CCA 159 – Data Analyst using Sqoop and Advance Hive

Video Introducing this tutorial

Hadoop Introduction :
Hadoop Distributed File System & Commands

Hive :
Hive Introduction
Hive Database
Hive Managed Tables
Hive External Tables
Hive Insert
Hive MultiInsert
Alter Command

Hive Data Types :
DataTypes Introduction
Array DataType
Map DataType
Struct DataType

Hive Functions :
Collection Functions
Conditional Functions
String Functions
Date Functions
Mathematical Functions

Hive Join :
Join in Hive
Multi Joins in Hive
Map Side Joins

Working with Different File Formats & Compressions :
Working with Parquet
Compressing Parquet
Working with Fixed File Format

Advance Hive :
Hive Partitioning
Hive Bucketing
Views in Hive
Lateral View/Explode
Hive Analytics

Hive Windows Function :
Rank/Dense Rank Windowing Function
Lead/Lag Windowing Function
Min/Max Windowing Function
Windowing Specification

Sqoop Import :
Sqoop Introduction
Managing Target Directory
Working with Different File Formats
Working with Different Compressions
Conditional Imports
Split-By and Boundary Queries
Field Delimiters
Incremental Appends
Sqoop Hive Import
Practice 1

Sqoop Export :
Export from HDFS to MYSQL
Export from Hive to MYSQL