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Udemy C# with WinForms and SQL Create Database Driven Desktop App

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to the Project

Setting up the project :
Reviewing Forms
Adding Data Set
Adding SQL Table Adapters

Repair Type Class :
Coding Repair Types Class

Customer Class :
Creating Customer Class
Getting Customer by ID
Checking for Duplicate Phone Number
Finding Customer By ID
Inserting New Customer
Updating Customer
Deleting Customer

Appointment Class :
Creating Class
Finding Appointment by ID
Getting Appointment Date and Time
Inserting New Appointment
Updating Appointment
Deleting Appointment

Main Form :
Coding Main Form

Customers Forms :
Customers Form - Modifying Customer
Customers Form - Deleting Customer
New Customer Form - Adding Customer
Modify Customer Form - Modifying Customer

Appointments Form :
Appointments Form - Showing All Appointments
Appointments Form - Populating Drop Downs
Appointments Form - Filtering Appointments By Customer
Appointments Form - Updating Appointment
Appointments Form - Deleting Appointment
New Appointments Form - Populating Drop Downs
New Appointments Form - Adding New Appointment
Modify Appointment Form - Modify Appointment
Modify Appointment Form - Load Event

Testing and Final Fixes :
Testing and Finding Issues
Fixing Deleting Customer With Appointment Exception
Fixing Combo Boxes Bug

Conclusion :
What did we learn
Bonus Lecture