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C# Developers: Double Your Coding Speed with Visual Studio

Introduction :
Memorization Techniques
How to Watch This Course
Using the Exercise Files
Downloading the Shortcut Keys PDF

Visual Studio Tips & Tricks :
Text Navigation - Part I
Text Navigation - Part II
Text Selection
Deleting Text
Commenting Code
Expanding and Collapsing Code
Working with Tabs & Windows
Find & Replace
Running & Debugging
Compiling the Application
Code Snippets
Formatting Code

Version Control Systems (VCS) :
Integrate Subversion into Visual Studio
Team Foundation Service

ReSharper :
Keyboard Schemes
Camel Humps
Suggesting Names
Initializing Private Fields from Constructor
Auto-Importing Namespaces
Code Selection
Live Templates

Summary :
Shortcut Keys
42 pages

Additional Resources :
Final Words
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