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Business the Hard Way Vol 1: Sales the Hard Way

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
The Five Core Sales Skills
The Truth About Ethical Sales
The 3 Part Framework for Sales Logic

Creating the Argument Tree for Your Sale :
How to Model The Top Sales People in Your Field
How to Add Objections to Your Sales Framework
Building Authority During the Sale

Building Proof for Your Sales Tree :
Fallacy vs Heuristic vs Bias
Understanding How Heuristics Play Into Your Sale
The Real First Sale - Getting and Keeping Attention

Learning About Your Prospect and Their Hidden Desires :
Modeling Hidden Desires
Analyzing an Example of Hidden Desires
Cold and Warm Reading Your Prospect and Mental Models
A Primer on Body Language
Qualifying Your Prospects
How to Predict Objections and Prepare Responses

Conclusion :
Bonus - Consultative Selling
Bonus - Free Sales Critique