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Business Strategy Formulation: Become a Strategy Consultant

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
3 Business Strategies You Need to Know About
Do you want to develop your Unique Business Strategy and become a Market Leader?
What are the benefits of this course?
How to get ahead of the competition and become a leader?
How To Get The Best Out Of The Course!

Why a Business Strategy? :
Top 10 Questions Every Business Strategy should answer
Business Plan vs. Business Strategy: What's the Difference?
The Business Strategy Blueprint

Key Business Objectives :
How to achieve the Key Business Objectives?
Example of Key Business Objectives for a Health Startup
Understanding Key Business Objectives and Metrics with examples

Market Data :
Market Data will shape Business
How to analyze your Market Data?
Example of Market Data Analysis

Organic Growth Drivers :
Creating an Organic Growth Machine
Identifying Existing Solutions that will drive hypergrowth in Existing Markets
Identifying Existing Solutions that will drive hypergrowth in New Markets
Creating New Solutions that will drive hypergrowth
Results of the Analysis of Organic Growth Drivers
Detailed Description of Hypergrowth and Seed Organic Growth Drivers
Hypergrowth and Seed Drivers Description Template
Example of Organic Growth Drivers

Inorganic Growth Drivers :
A more aggressive, faster type of Growth
Key characteristics of Inorganic Growth Drivers

Enablers :
Allowing the Business Strategy to become a reality
Key characteristics of Enablers

Business Strategy Summary :
Learn how to create a one page Business Strategy

Real Examples of Business Strategies :
Stratasys Example
CocaCola Example
Netflix Example
Johnson and Johnson Example
Lego Exercise

Financial Model :
What is the Financial Model?
Building the financial roadmap to implement the Business Strategy

Implementation Roadmap
Developing the highlevel, multiyear Implementation Roadmap
Example of Implementation Roadmap

Performance Management :
Developing specific Metrics to track Progress

What's next? :
Developing Your Own Business Strategy
Creating a Strategic Mindset within the Executive Teams
Seven Steps to Improve Strategy Presentations
Thanks For Taking The Course!

Business Strategy: Quiz :
Business Strategy: Quiz
10 questions

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