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Business Skills: Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction To The Course :
Course Administration: Using Udemy, Accessing The Resources
The Email Etiquette Starter Quiz
10 questions

Email Etiquette Basics :
Professional Behaviour At Work
Emailing On Company Time

What To Say and How To Say It :
The All-Important Subject Field
Subject Line Quiz
2 questions
Appropriate Levels of Formality
Addressing your Contact
To CC or Not to CC - That Is The Question
Over to You - What Would You Do?

Packaging Your Message :
Formatting Your Email
Over to You - Activity - Formatting
The Dos and Don'ts Of Attachments
Removing Clutter
Spelling and Grammar - Yes, We Do Need To Talk About This
Matters of Common Courtesy: Greetings and Sign-Offs
Avoiding Email Mistakes - Signature Files
Signature Files - What To Leave In, What To Leave Out
Quiz: Signature Files
1 question
Avoiding Email Mistakes - Responding Promptly

In Conclusion :
Your Action Steps
In Conclusion
Over To You: Is There A Need For (N)Etiquette Training?