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Business Card and Letterhead Design in Adobe Illustrator

Introduction :
The Upsell from Logo Design
Arranging your Workspace

Test your Knowledge! :
Test your Knowledge on Stationery Basics!
2 questions

Stationery Design Brief :
Obtaining Information from the Client
Obtaining the Logo

Preparing Stationery Documents :
Bleed Explained
Stationery Measurements
Preparing a Business Card Document
Preparing a Letterhead Document
Preparing a Compliment Slip Document
Preparing an Envelope Document

Designing Stationery Items :
Design Planning Overview
Designing a Business Card
Designing the Back of a Business Card
Designing a Letterhead
Designing a Compliment Slip
Designing an Envelope
A Small Favour!

Introducing Text to the Designs :
Arranging text on a Business Card
Arranging text on a Letterhead
Arranging text on a Compliment Slip
Arranging text on an Envelope

Exploring Layout & Design :
Alternative Design
Alternative Layout
Coloured Business Cards
Alternative Business Card Orientation

Fly on the Wall Workflow :
Ephex Stationery Development
Bendfile Stationery Development
Goldstein Stationery Development

Sending Samples & Final Files :
Saving & Sending Stationery Files
Sending Final Files

Quoting & Invoicing :
New Client - Quote Email

Sample Projects for You :
Projects for You

Additional :
A Final Word

Supercharge your Skill!