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Building Websites JavaScript and the DOM

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learn create website interaction using JavaScript :
Introduction to Learning JavaScript
What is JavaScript
How to add JavaScript in web pages
Basics of JavaScript Dev Tools How to Comment and more
Introduction to Variables within JavaScript
Understanding Variables
Source Code
Arrays and Objects
Working with Arrays and Objects
Using and updating array values
Array and Object Source Code
Introduction to Functions
Local Global Variables in functions
Source code Functions
Ternary Comparison
Conditional Statements
Switch Statements
Source Code Statements conditions
Introduction to looping
JavaScript For Loops
Source Code Loops

Creating Dynamic and Interactive web pages :
Introduction to the Document Object Model
Accessing Page Elements from JavaSCript
Selecting Elements via JavaScript
Source Code Selecting
Updating CSS with JavaScript
Setting CSS
JavaScript Events
Event Listeners selecting elements
Source Code Listeners
addEventListener More events trigger options
Source Code addEventListener
What can you do with JavaScript

Connecting JavaScript to your website :
Popup Images using JavaScript
Source Code Popup Images
Mouse Event Listeners JavaScript
Source Code Mouse Event Listeners