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Udemy Building microservices using core 5.0 and docker

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Agenda
What are we going to build?
Communication Between Microservices

Face Detection Microservice building :
Getting the dotnet core 5.0 sdk installed in the development machine
Face Detection Theory and Introducing the 3rd party libraries
Building the Face Detection Microservice
Building a Test Project to Test the Face Detection Microservice

Message Broker Fundamentals :
RabbitMQ Based Messaging
RabbitMq-MassTransit interaction, MassTransit Sending and Publishing methods

Docker Fundamentals, Docker Install, Docker Test :
Docker Fundamentals
Docker Install
Docker test

Mvc Web Client Project Creation, RabbitMq Docker container production :
Docker settings for Linux container production, Memory and CPU requirements
RabbitMq docker container creation and testing the container
Creating the Mvc Web Application and setting up masstransit-rabbitmq server
Mvc Web Client Action Methods Development for data posting to EventBus
Mvc Web Client Razor Views Development for data posting to action method
Sending Messages from MVC Web Client to RabbitMq Broker

Building the Orders Microservice :
Orders Microservice Intro
OrdersApi Hands-on 1-Setting up massTransit Infrastructure
Setting up Entityframework Core Persistence components and designing entities
Setting up the mssql docker container and applying the migrations
Building the Repository layer and RegisterOrderCommandConsumer-1
Testing the Consumer object for message reading and saving it in database
Sending Http requests from OrdersApi to FacesApi for face detection

Displaying Orders on Razor View Pages :
Building the OrdersApi's OrdersController class and creating two action methods
Building the OrderManagementApi class in the MvcWeb project
Building MvcWeb OrderManagementController class, Index View Part1
Building MvcWeb OrderManagementcontroller and Details View- Part 2

Customer Notification Microservice :
Creating the NotificationService microservice- part1
CustomerNotificationServicePart2-Fleshing out Consumer class
EmailService Class Library Building
Adding EmailSender to the Consumer class and Host configuration nitty-gritties
OrdersApi Receiving and Consuming the IOrderDispatchedEvent type message
Demo Notification

SignalRCore Push Notification :
SignalRCore brief Introduction
SignalRCore Server Side Programming
SignalRCore Client Side (java script) Coding
SignalRCore Push Notification Demo

Changing the FacesApi Face Detection method for easy dockerization :
Remaking of the FacesApi Microservice to overcome the dockerization obstacle
Adapting the FacesApi to utilize the Microsoft Face Rest Api

Dockerization of the application :
Dockerizing a simple webapi and description of Dockerfile contents
Removing hardcoded strings from microservices and setting up automatic migration
Adding Docker-compose orchestration support to the microservices
Bonus Lecture