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Building Desktop Applications with Python and Kivy

Introduction and Environment Setup :
Installation: VsCode
Hello Kivy

Basic Widgets and Layouts :
Understanding The Hello Kivy Program
The Label Widget: Intro
The Label Widget: Properties
The Button Widget: Intro
The Button Widget: Properties
Get Properties
Layouts: BoxLayout
Layouts: GridLayout
Widget Sizing and Spacing

Project 01: Kivy Calculator :
Project Demo
Project Setup and Basic Layout
The TextInput Widget
Adding the Buttons
Add More Buttons
Add Text to Input
Get Results
Get Results: 02
Get Results: final
Calc Theming
Correctly Display Results
Bonus Lecture: Custom Input

Project 1: Photo Gallery :
Project Demo
Project Setup
The Dropdown Widget
The Action Bar
Filter for Images
Display an Image: The Image Class
The RecycleView
Display All Images
Add Descriptions: Kivy Custom Widgets
Clickable Images: Kivy Behaviors
View Image
Kivy IconFonts
Adding Image Operations Buttons
Fit Image To Modal part 1
Fit Image To Modal: part 2
Traversing in Kivy
Next Image
Previous Image
Rename Image: part 1
Rename Image: part 2
Image Effects: part 1
Image Effects: part 2 - Burn Effect
Image Effects: part 3 - Flip Image Options(1)
Image Effects: part 4 - Flip Image
Image Effects: part 5 - Mirror Image Options
Image Effects: part 6 - Mirror Image
Image Effects: part 7 - Rotate Image Options
Image Effects: part 8 - Rotate Image
Open An Image: Intro To ScreenManagers
Open A Folder
The 'About' Popup
Theming The Program
Bonus Lecture: Image Backdrop

Cross Platform Videoplayer :
Project Demo
The VideoPlayer Widget
The Video Widget
Player Controls
Volume Control: Slider Widget
Video Duration and Progress
Align Widgets
Increase/Decrease Volume
Add Icons To Controls
Update Position Slider
Video Seeking,Playing & Pausing
Fast Forward/Rewind
Open File: part 02
Open Folder
Initialise Playlist view: PageLayout
Add Videos to Playlist
Playlist Entry Size
Play From List
Add File To List
Remove Duplicates From List
Play Next Video
Play Previous Video
Theme the Player
About & Credits