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Build Your Own Guitar

Build Your Own Guitar - Intro :
Before you start
Count Your Fingers
2 questions
1 page
Preparation :
Intro to Workshop and Tools
Wood and Parts
Patterns, Jigs and Cauls
Making the Patterns
Neck Angle Jig
Headstock Angle Jig
Headstock Thickness Jig
Fretboard Caul
Router Baseplate
Patterns - Outro
Making the Blanks :
Joining the Body Blanks
Making the Fretboard :
Cutting Fret Slots - The Hard Way
Making the Fretboard (How we do it)
Making the Neck - Part 1 :
Route the Truss Rod Slot
Cut the Headstock Angle
Cut Out the Neck
Thickness the Headstock
Drill the Tuner Holes
Profile the Neck (Optional)
Install the Truss Rod
Glue the Fretboard
Making the Body - Part 1 :
Mark Out the Body
Making the Body - Intro
Drill the Control Holes
Route the Control Cavity
Route the Pickup Slots
Making the Neck - Part 2 :
Carve the Neck
Radius the Fretboard (Prepare for Inlays)
Install Front Dots
Prepare for Fretting
Install Frets
Install Side Dots
Clean up sides of Neck
Fit the Neck to the Pattern
Making the Body - Part 2 :
Route the Neck Socket
Routing - final depths
Cut Out the Body
Radius the Body Edges (optional)
Belly Carve
Drill the Holes in the Body
Finiting and Finishing :
Fit the Neck
Final Shaping
Glue the Neck
Drill the Bridge Holes
Apply the Finish
Fret Dress :
Fret Dress - Part 1
Fret Dress - Part 2
Final Assembly and Set Up :
Make the Wiring Loom
Install the Wiring loom
Make the Coverplates
Final Assembly - Part 1
Final Assembly - Part 2
Final Set Up - Intro
Set the Truss Rod
Set the Action
Going the Extra Mile
Fit the Nut
Final Checks
Last Job(s)!
Ending 1 - watch this first time round...
Ending 2 - It's only the beginning!
Extras :
The Makers Mark
Resources :
1 page