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Build Your Own Custom Computer!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course! :
Welcome to this course on how to build your own computer!
What is the biggest barrier to building your own computer?
If you feel as if you are stuck or need further clarification, ask me questions!

Planning Stages: Choosing the Proper Components and Preparing our Build :
What is the primary purpose for your new computer?
Choose the best processor (CPU) that your budget will allow.
Motherboard & RAM can often be bundled up with your CPU.
Selecting our computer case and graphics card.
Choosing a SSD and using a power calculator to choose our PSU.
Choosing a primary operating system.
Which parts can we reuse from our old computer?
Submitting rebates through

Get to Know your Hardware: Unboxing each Component :
Our Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower Computer Case.
Our Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 random access memory (RAM).
Our Kingston Digital 120GB solid state drive (SSD).
Our Intel Core i3-4170 Dual Core 3.7 GHz Haswell Processor.
Our CORSAIR CX series CX430 430W power supply unit (PSU).
Our MSI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard.
Our EVGA GeForce GTX 950 graphics card (GPU).

Putting the Hardware Together :
First step, install your power supply unit (PSU).
Let's secure our motherboard in the case.
After securing the motherboard within the computer case, you can install the CPU
(ERROR) Installing our graphics card.
Hard drive installation.
Installing our 8GB of memory (RAM).
Connecting the necessary power cords, data transfer cables, and LEDs.
Re-installing our graphics card & performing a quick power check.
Closing up our case and preparing for the first boot up.
1st time powering on our new system.
What if your machine does not boot up?

Installing the Necessary Software :
Putting the Windows 7 install disk on a USB drive.
Step-by-step Windows 7 installation.
Downloading the missing on-board LAN (Ethernet) driver (pt.1).
Downloading the missing on-board LAN (Ethernet) driver (pt.2).
Downloading & installing the graphics driver for our Nvidia graphics card.
Window experience index test to check our system.

Getting Started Using Windows 10 :
FREE programs to get started with!
Changing which default programs Windows uses to run tasks.
Updating what Windows does with removable drives.
A brief introduction to the toolbar.
Some quick personalization options.

Linux Installation :
Installing Linux on a virtual machine.
Setting up a live USB with UNetbootin.
Disabling fast start before proceeding with the installation.
Installation alongside Windows 10.
Deleting the Linux partitions.
Ubuntu Linux GRUB bootloader fix.

Bonus Lectures! :
Cleaning up and optimizing a pre-owned computer (pt.1)
Cleaning up and optimizing a pre-owned computer (pt.2)
Cleaning up and optimizing a pre-owned computer (pt.3)
Easily remove malicious (virus, spyware, adware) software from your computer!
How to Delete Unwanted Folders on Windows Desktop (SOLVED)

Good Game! How did your computer building adventure go? :
Thank you for finishing this course! How did everything turn out?