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Build Social Networking website with Smartphone Apps

01 introduction :
01 Social Network user account Demo
02 Social Network Admin Panel Demo
03 Mobile Overview

02 Domain Name Web Hosting :
04 What is Domain name and How To Register
05 What is Web Hosting and how to purchase
06 How to Manage Domain and Web Hosting

03 How To Manage cPanel :
07 How to access on cPanel
08 How To Create FTP And email address
09 Addon Domains How to control Full cPanel
10 How To Secure Social Network using SSL

04 Setup Social Networking Website :
12 How To install Ui7Plus PHP Script
13 Change Social Network name and configure startup settings
14 Edit the Welcome Page
15 Setup Google Analytics
16 Setup Registration settings and Google reCaptcha
17 Change the logo icons and images
18 Setup login with Facebook
19 setup login with twitter
20 setup login with Google
21 Setup login with instagram

05 How To Build Smartphone Apps :
24 How To Build WebView Android App
25 How To Build WebView iOS App

06 Make Money using Social Networking site Apps :
28 Social Network Related Projects on
29 Social Network Services on Fiverr Upwork PeoplePerHour
30 Sell Your Social Network Apps on Flippa

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