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Build Real World Website with PHP, PDO & MySQL

Getting Started :
Environment Setup

Basics introduction to Prepared Statements :
Introduction to prepared statements
Connect to database
Reading data
Inserting data
Updating data
Deleting data

Task List Project with Prepared Statements :
Project setup
Creating database and database table
Database connection and creating reuse able component
Displaying dynamic users
Adding new user
Deleting user (Bad Approach)
Deleting user (Good Approach)
Editing user

PDO : PHP Data Object :
Basics introduction to PDO
Setting up PDO, Database & Database connection
Fetching data from database using PDO
Inserting data using PDO
Updating data using PDO
Deleting data using PDO

Task List Project with PDO :
Project setup
Creating database & database table
Database connection & reuse able component
Displaying user from database
Adding new user
Deleting user
Editing user

Project : Blogging System with CMS - Front End :
Project Setup
Creating database and database table
Creating Reuse-able Component
Making Categories Dynamic
Working with posts
URL Rewriting
Work with single post (Post details page)
Single post continue
Work with Category posts
Category post continue
Let's build a search engine
Pagination home
Pagination home ( Next, Prev, Active)
Pagination for search page
URL Rewriting Removing(categories)
Pagination for category page
Pagination continue
Working with comments
Post specific comments
Comments continue

Project : Blogging System with CMS - Back End :
Creating Reuse-able Component
Back End Authentication
Working with posts
Inserting new post
Editing post
Editing post update
Edit post continue
Deleting post
Working with categories
Working with comments - Last Lecture