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Build Microservices with .NET Core & Amazon Web Services

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Introduction to Microservices :
What is a Monolithic application and what problems does it have?
Check your learnings about Monolithic Applications
4 questions

Building Our First Microservices :
Web Advertising System: Vision and Requirements
Prepare the development environment
Solution Architecture of Web Advertisement Project
How to start a Microservice Project
Test your learnings about Microservice project development
3 questions
Five key attributes of a well-design Microservice
How do Microservices work in Amazon Web Services (AWS)?
Quiz about a well-designed Microservice in Amazon Web Services
5 questions
Validate your understanding of the architecture of Web Advert system
6 questions

Authentication for ASP.NET Core websites with AWS Cognito :
Authenticating users
Configuring AWS Cognito
Setup AWS Credentials + Create and Clone a GitHub Repo
Sign up with AWS Cognito and ASP.Net MVC Core
Confirm Email Addresses
Sign in with AWS Cognito and ASP.Net MVC Core
Add a Forgot Password Page
1 question
Implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
1 question

Eventual Consistency and Compensating Transactions :
Eventual Consistency and Compensating Transactions
Sharing data models between a Microservice and its client using Nuget
Building "Advert Api" Microservice. Using Automapper in Core MVC
Building "Advert Api" Microservice. Part 2
Create and publish Nuget packages with .Net Core to share models
Checking the health of Microservices. Adding health-check endpoints to Advert Ap
Deploying Advert Api to sandbox server
Uploading advertisement images to AWS S3

Creating Resilient Service Clients with HttpClientFactory :
HttpClientFactory: How it helps with building resilient service clients?
Building a service client for Advert Api with HttpClientFactory
Exponential Back Off and Circuit Breaker Patterns
Implementing Back Off and Circuit Breaker patterns with HttpClientFactory

Command and Query Segregation (CQRS) Pattern :
Domain Driven Design and Microservices
What is CQRS
Messages, Events and Fan Out design pattern
Publishing a message to AWS SNS with ASP.Net Core.
Creating SearchWorker AWS Lambda with ElasticSearch service
Finishing Search Worker micro service. Storing advertisement in ElasticSearch
Running Web Advertisement web application

Logging for Microservices :
Introduction to Logging and Microservices
Creating the AWS Logging Stack with Cognito + Kibana and Cloud Watch
Search API Microservice
Logging application logs to AWS Cloud Watch
Add Health Check to SearchApi
1 question
Implementing the Search Page with Search Api
Showing the list of advertisements using AWS Cloudfront

API Gateway Pattern and AWS Api Gateway :
Introduction to Api Gateway Pattern
What is AWS Api Gateway
Creating a reverse proxy API using AWS Api Gateway for a Public API
Exposing a private API to the public Internet using Api Gateway VPC Link
Setup Amazon Web Application Firewall for API Gateway APIs
Implementing Authentication for Api Gateway APIs using Cognito

Securing Microservice APIs :
Securing Web APIs with Json Web Token (Jwt) and AWS Cognito
Accessing private APIs via JavaScript code

Microservice Discovery :
Introduction to Service Discovery and common discovery tools
Producing Swagger documentation automatically
Generating API Clients (SDK) from Swagger
Tools and deployment models of a discovery service
Register a Microservice instance with AWS Cloud Map
Self-registering ASP.NET Core services using C#
Discovering services with Cloud Map and C#

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) for Microservices :
Introduction to CI/CD for Microservices
Introduction to Docker and AWS Elastic Container Service
Building a Docker Image and Uploading it to Amazon Elastic Container Service
Launching Docker containers with AWS Elastic Container Services (ECS)
CI/CD Tooling Options for Microservices and Docker
Building and Deploying Docker Images to ECS with JetBrain TeamCity

Further Studies... :
Thank you and congratulations!