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Build a Social Network with Flutter and Firebase

Getting Started :
What You'll Need
Running our Project
Firebase Setup / Overview
Solutions to Common Problems

App Setup :
Starting App Code
App Structure and Files
Firebase Integration with Flutter

Building App Structure :
Signin Splash Page
Creating Custom Theme
Completing Authentication Flow
Navigation and Pages
Building a Reusable Header Widget
Adding Page Animations for Better UX
Making Reusable Loading Widgets

Firestore with Flutter Crash Course :
Intro to Firestore Database
Fetching Collection and Document Data from Firestore
Simple and Compound Queries in Firestore
FutureBuilders and StreamBuilders for Fetching and Streaming Data
Adding Complete CRUD Functionality to Firestore Documents
Optimally Structuring our Firestore Database

User Authentication and Social Login :
Save Auth Users in Users Collection
Creating User Instance from DocumentSnapshot in Firestore
Validating Create Account Form

Searching for Users :
Building Search No Content Screen
Responsive App Design with MediaQuery
Adding Search User Functionality
Improving Search Result Appearance

Uploading Posts :
Upload Post Splash Screen and Image Picker
Building Upload Form
Uploading Media Files and Creating Posts
Get User Location with Geolocation

Editing User Profile :
Building Profile Header
Building Edit Profile Page
Updating User Data in Edit Profile Page

Structuring and Displaying Posts :
Create Post Model
Structuring Post Widget
Displaying Posts and Post Count

Profile Page :
Performant Image Loading and Post Grid for Profile Page
Toggle Profile Post Orientation
Building No Content for Profile Page

Liking and Unliking Posts :
Adding Like - Unlike Functionality for Posts
Making a Heartbeat Animation when Liking a Post

Realtime Messaging with Comments :
Building Comments Page Structure
Realtime Messaging Functionality

Activity Feed Notifications :
Creating Activity Feed Notification for New Like
Creating Activity Feed Notification for New Comment
Displaying Activity Feed Notifications
Add Post Screen, See Other Users' Profiles

Following and Unfollowing Users :
Making Follow : Unfollow Buttons
Following : Unfollowing Users

Cloud Firestore Triggers with Firebase Functions :
General Timeline Overview, Initialize Firebase Functions
Creating onCreateFollower Firebase Function
Deleting Unfollowed User Posts with onDeleteFollower Firebase Function
Deleting Posts and Related Data
OnCreatePost, OnUpdatePost, and OnDeletePost Firestore Cloud Triggers

Building Timeline of User Posts :
Getting, Displaying Timeline Posts
Suggest Users to Follow in Timeline

App Cleanup and Improvements :
Fixing Bugs, More about Async / Await
Preserve Page State with AutomaticKeepAliveClientMixin

Live Alerts with Push Notifications :
Sending Push Notifications with Firebase Function
Displaying Realtime Push Notifications in our App

Publishing our App :
Publish App to Google Play Store
Publish App to iOS App Store