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Build a Computer from Scratch: Beginner to Master

Video Introducing this tutorial

Building a PC: It Doesn't Need to be Difficult :
Welcome! Building a PC

Chapter 1: Where to Start: The PC Builders Tool Box :
Beginning the Build: Where to Start
Understanding the Components in your Build
Discover Your Perfect Build with this Website
Effective NewEgg Shopping Tips
This website will guarantee all your components will be compatible
Where to Start (Recap)

Chapter 2: A Simple Guide to Choosing Parts :
Choosing the Parts (Intro)
Choosing the Perfect CPU
Deciding between i3, i5, i7
CPU Quality Assurance: Benchmark with this Website.
Choosing A Graphics Card: Optimal Gaming Experience
Finalize your Graphics Card Purchase With this Site
Choosing RAM: How Much You Really Need
Choosing a Hard Drive, SSD or both?
Choosing a Motherboard
Choosing a Power Supply: An important Choice
Choosing the Case: Show off Your Build to Friends
Tom's hardware: How it can help you
Choosing the Parts (Recap)

Chapter 3: Assembling the Parts :
Assembling the Parts (Intro)
Installing the CPU
Installing the Heat Sink & Fan
Installing RAM
Mounting Motherboard in the case
Installing the Graphics Card
Installing the SSD
Installing the Optical Drive
Installing the Power Supply
Cable Installation: Connecting Power Supply Cables
Cable Installation: Connecting cables that came attached to case
Assembling the Parts (Recap)
Troubleshooting secrets to get your build to start

Chapter 4: Successfully Installing Windows & Setup :
Installing Windows
Connecting to the Internet
Windows Updates
Updating Drivers

Chapter 5: Three Amazing Bonus Applications :
BONUS: Application 1
BONUS: Application 2
BONUS: Application 3

Conclusion :

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