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Build a Chatbot integrated Website using Bootstrap 4

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Start here
Installing Python and Pycharm
Section - 1
1 question

Getting started with HTML5 :
HTML Level- 1
HTML Level - 2
HTML Level - 3
1 question

Getting started with CSS3 :
CSS Level - 1
CSS Level - 2
CSS Level - 3
CSS Quiz
1 question

Getting started with Javascript and jQuery :
Javascript and jQuery - Level 1
Javascript and jQuery - Level 2
Javascript and jQuery - Level 3
jQuery Quiz
1 question

Getting started with Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 :
Bootstrap Walkthrough
Introduction to Bootstrap
Integrating Bootstrap, Buttons and Forms
The GRID System
Understanding the Grid System
Migrating to Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap Quiz
1 question

Capstone Project : Chatbot and Portfolio Website :
Intro to Project
Starting Code and Navbar
Building our first Chatbot
Understanding the Portfolio Chatbot
iFrame and Adding links
Buildling the Portfolio Webpage
Building the Udemy Webpage
Building the Contact form
Hosting the Website
Capstone Quiz
1 question