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Build a Battle Royale from Scratch with Unity and Blender!

Unity® :
01. Downloading and Installing Unity
Update: Standard Assets for Unity 2018.3+
02. Starting Your Project
Unity Interface - View the Game
Unity Interface - Hierarchy and Game Objects
Unity Interface - Project and Console
Tip: Accessing the Asset Store from the Project

Coding :
Intro to Coding
The Basic Script
Hello World
Access Modifiers
Boolean Values
S2 - Checkpoint

Input :
Player Parameters
Player Movement
Update vs Fixed Update
Player's Input
Third Person Character
S3 - Checkpoint 1
Camera Look
Camera Move
Cursor Lock Mode
Mouse Look
Animation Movement
Strafing in the Animator
Side Look
Changing the Focal Point Side
Focal Smoothness
Vertical Look
Rotation Point
S3 - Checkpoint 2
Camera Improvement

Battle Arena :
Level Design Basics
Center Zone
Sniping Tower
Reward Vs. Punishment
Simple House
Door Object Tip
Opening Door
Interacting with Doors
Creating and Interesting Terrain
S4 - Checkpoint 1
Terrain Bounds
Anchors and Pivots
Updating Resources Text
Tool Selection Interface
Tool Switching
Tool Selector Improvements
Resource Objects
Collection Cooldown
S4 - Checkpoint 2
Smooth Collection Animations
Adding Obstacle tools to List
Obstacle Prefabs
Cycling Between Obstacles
Preserving the Obstacle Rotation
Placing Obstacles in the Screen
Using Resources
S4 - Checkpoint 3
Obstacle Transparency

Weapons :
Weapon Base Class
Abstract Classes
Item Box
Awarding Ammunition
Weapon Inventory
Weapon Interface
S5 - Checkpoint 1
Selecting Weapons
Player-Weapon Communication
Shooting Logic
Reloading Logic
Reload Bars
Adding New Weapons
Shooting Raycasts
Correct Shooting Rays
Weapon Accuracy
Destroying Obstacles
S5 - Checkpoint 2
Improving the Aim Variation
Zoom Interface
Rocket Launcher
Make the Rocket Fly
S5 - Checkpoint 3
Damaging Things

Targets :
Static Enemy
Flying Enemies
Searching for a Player
Chasing Logic
Hitting the Player
Destroying the Player
Game Over Screen
Reloading the Scene
Reloading with the Scene Controller
S6 - Checkpoint

Multiplayer :
Networking Intro
Player Prefab
Spawning Adjustments
Start Positions
Syncing Player Positions
Fixing Network Conflicts
Syncing Animations
Networked Obstacles
Spawning Items
Collecting Boxes
Network Player Hit
Network Player Destroy
Obstacle and Resource Health
Network Collecting Resources
S7 - Checkpoint
Syncing Rockets
S7 - Checkpoint 2
Syncing Explosions

Introduction to Blender :
Download and Install Blender
Setting up Blender
Camera Controls
Emulated Numbpad Camera
Basic Object Manipulation
Frequently Used tools
Mirror Modifiers

Creating Weapons Assets - Melee Weapons :
Wood Cutter Axe
Fireman's Axe
Throwing Axe

Creating Weapons Assets - Deagle Gun :
Weapons Reference
Placing Image Reference
Basic Block (Keystroke)
Trigger Guard (Keystroke)
Main Body Tweaks
Back Grip
Gun Barrel
Hand Hold

Creating Weapons Assets - Revolver :
Revolver Start
Trigger Guard
Revolver Sights
Guard to Handle Fix
Revolver Handle Basic
Revolver Handle Fix
Revolver Body Thinning
Revolver Main Body Fixes
Bullet Wheel
Gun Mid Profile
Revolver Front Sight
Revolver Trigger Hammer
Revolver Trigger
Revolver Materials

Creating Weapons Assets - M40 Sniper :
M40 Reference
Sniper Trigger
Sniper Main Body
Sniper Barrel
Sniper Scope
Sniper Scope Detail
Sniper Materials and Fix

Creating Weapon Assets - Rocket Launcher :
RPG Basic Block
Rocket Sights
Rocket Handles
RPG Trigger
RPG Materials
Rocket Pieces

Creating Weapons Assets - AR Scar :
Scar Body
Scar Railings
Scar Barrel
Scar Front Sights
Scar Back Sight
Scar Back Stock
Scar Material

Creating Weapon Assets - HK MP5 :
MP5 Start
Weapon Reorganization
MP5 Main Body
MP5 Front Sights
MP5 Front Sight (Part 2)
MP5 Top Rails
MP5 Back Sights
MP5 Back Stock
MP5 Materials and Finishing

Creating Weapon Assets - UMP :
MP5 to UMP
Weapon Reshaping
UMP Top Railing
UMP Mid Body
UMP Front
UMP Back Sights

Creating Weapon Assets - Shotgun :
Shotgun Base
Shotgun Stock Fix
Shotgun Midbody
Shotgun Underbarrel
Shotgun Minor Details
Shotgun Back Sights
Shotgun Front Sights

Creating Weapons Assets Bonus - Winchester Rifle :
Sniper to Winchester
Body Modification
Lever Trigger
Winchester Sights

Creating the Basic Character Model :
Character Setup
Character Head
Character Body Base
Character Legs
Character Arms
Flow Cleanups
Character Bones
Setup for Textures
Character UVing
Texturing Setup
Texturing Painting

Making Environment Assets :
Traffic Cone
Cement Barrier
Cube Barrier
Sandbag Barrier
Telephone Pole
Circle Target
Human Target
Target Fix
Dead Grass
Small hills
Environment Fence
Asset Materials
Wood Platforms

Arts and Sounds :
Art Intro
S14 - Checkpoint 1
Showing the New Level
Changing Prefab Art
Obstacle Art
Particle Effects
Rocket Sounds
Interface Sounds
2D vs 3D Sounds
Weapons Sounds
Shooting through the Network
Network Authority for Audio
Footstep Setup
Networking footstep Sounds
Hit Sounds
S14 - Checkpoint 2
Integrating New Characters
Animation Mask
Animation Layering
Integrating Top Animations
S14 - Checkpoint 3
Adding Weapon Models
Showing Models
Syncing Animation Triggers
Syncing Weapon Equip
Initial Weapon Equip
S14 - Checkpoint 4

Improvements :
Energy State
Script Control Of The Energy Ball
Energy Spawning Logic
Adjusting the Movement Speed
Syncing the Energy Mode
Server Screen
Server Screen Integration
Client Screen
Allowing Client to move
Storm Manager
Storm visuals
Storm Shrinking Logic
Storm Damage
S15 - Checkpoint 1
Storm Details
Storm alert
Minor Adjustments
S15 - Checkpoint 2
Spreading Weapons
Player Adjustments
Outside Terrain
Post Processing
Outside Lightning
Custom Fonts
Lock Tool Switching while Spawning
Update Bounds
Network Bullets
S15 - Checkpoint 3
Weapon Difficulty Adjustments

Flat Map :
New Train Setup
Adding Mountains
Adding Resources
S16 - Checkpoint 1
Checking the New Map
S16 - Checkpoint 2
Spreading Weapons
Course Wrap
Source Assets