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Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django – Advanced

Introduction :
Welcome to Build a Backend API with Django REST Framework - Advanced
Intro to the course
Course structure
How to get the most out of this course
How to get help

Technologies used in this course :
Django REST Framework
What is test driven development?

Installation and setup :
System setup
Windows 10 Home Workaround

Create new project :
Setup new GitHub project
Add Dockerfile
Configure Docker Compose
Create Django project

Setup automation :
Enable Travis-CI for project
Create Travis-CI configuration file
1 question

Introduction to test driven development (TDD) :
Writing a simple unit test
Writing a unit test with TDD
Django Unit Tests
1 question

Configure Django custom user model :
Create core app
Add tests for custom user model
Implement custom user model
Normalize email addresses
Add validation for email field
Add support for creating superusers
Django custom user model
1 question

Setup Django admin :
Add tests for listing users in Django admin
Modify Django admin to list our custom user model
Modify Django admin to support changing user model
Modify Django admin to support creating users

Setting up database :
Add postgres to docker compose
Add postgres support to Dockerfile
Configure database in Django

Waiting for postgres to start :
Mocking with unittests
Add tests for wait_for_db command
Add wait_for_db command
Make docker compose wait for db
Test in browser
2 questions

Create user management endpoints :
Create users app
Add tests for create user API
Add create user API
Add tests for creating a new token
Add create token API
Add tests for manage user endpoint
Add manage user endpoint

Create tags endpoint :
Create recipe app
Add tag model
Add tests for listing tags
Add feature to list tags
Add create tags feature

Create ingredients endpoint :
Add ingredient model
Add tests for listing ingredients
Implement feature for list ingredients
Implement feature for creating ingredients
Re-factor tags and ingredients viewsets

Create recipe endpoint :
Add recipe model
Add tests for listing recipes
Implement feature for listing recipes
Add tests for retrieving recipe detail
Implement feature for retrieving recipe detail
Add tests for creating recipes
Implement feature for creating recipes
Add tests for updating recipes

Add upload image endpoint :
Add Pillow requirement
Modify recipe model
Add tests for uploading image to recipe
Add feature to upload image

Add filtering :
Add tests for filtering recipes
Implement feature to filter recipes
Add tests for filtering tags and ingredients
Implement feature for filtering tags and ingredients

Summary :
What was covered in this course