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Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro & Getting Started :
Welcome To The Course
What Is Bootstrap & Why Use It?
What's New In Bootstrap 4?
Initial Environment Setup
Bootstrap Sandbox Setup

Typography & Utilities :
Section Introduction
Headings & Basic Typography
Text Alignment & Display
Floats & Fixed Positions
Colors & Background
Margin & Padding Spacing
Sizing & Borders
CSS Breakpoints

CSS Components :
Section Intro
Buttons & Button Groups
Navbar & Navs
List Groups & Badges
Forms & Input
Input Groups
Alerts & Progress Bars
Tables & Pagination
Working With Cards
Media Objects

Grid System & Flexbox :
Section Introduction
Grid System
Grid Alignment
Flexbox Classes
Auto Margin, Wrap & Ordering

JavaScript Widgets :
Section Introduction
Carousel Slider
Collapse & Accordion
ScrollSpy & Smooth Scolling

Simple Theme Boiler Plate Setup :
Creating The Boiler

Project 1 - LoopLab Social Theme :
Project Intro
Setup & Navbar

Home Section Area :
Explore Section Area

Create & Share Section Areas :
Footer, Contact Modal & Menu Smooth Scroll

Project 2 - Mizuxe Book Theme :
Project Intro
Setting Up Sass With Koala
Custom Navbar & Logo
Showcase & Primary Color Change
Newsletter & Boxes

About Section With Accordion :
Authors Area
Contact & Footer

Project 3 - Glozzom Multi Page Theme :
Project Intro
Showcase With Carousel
Home Icons, Heading & Info Sections

Video Section With Autoplay Modal :
Photo Gallery & Newsletter
Page Header & About Section
Icon Boxes & Testimonial Slider
Services Page With FAQ Accordion
Blog Page With Cards
Contact & Staff Sections

Project 4 - Blogen Admin UI :
Project Intro
Navbar & Main Header
Add Buttons & Modals
Finishing The Dashboard
Resource Table Pages
Details & Settings Pages
Profile & Login Page

Project 5 - Portfoligrid :
Project Intro
Main Header
Home Collapse Content
Resume Collapse Content
Work Collapse Content
Contact Collapse Content

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