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Body Language for Entrepreneurs

Video Introducing this tutorial

Foundations of Body Language :
Introduction to the Course
Why Body Language Matters
Reading the Face
Reading the Body
Foundations Quiz
3 questions

Customer Relations :
Introduction to Customer Relations
Build Rapport
Selling and Client Relations Part 1
Selling and Client Relations Part 2
Customer Validation
Customer Relations Quiz
3 questions

Your Nonverbal Brand :
Introduction to Your Nonverbal Brand
Networking Events
The Elevator Pitch
Online Presence
Nonverbal Hacks for Your Website
Your Nonverbal Brand Quiz
3 questions

Your Team :
Introduction to Your Team
Lie Detection
Hiring and Partnering
Colleagues and Partners
Leadership and Management
Your Team Quiz
3 questions

High Pressure Business Situations :
Intro to High Pressure Situations
Fundraising and Investor Pitching
Fundraising and Investor Pitching Part II
Fundraising and Investor Pitching Part III
Public Speaking
High Pressure Quiz
3 questions

Final Steps :
Be a Master Communicator
Cold Calling
Final Thoughts
Check-In Quiz
5 questions