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Udemy Blynk mobile development for Arduino

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
01.10 What is this course about?
01.20 Software you will need
01.30 Hardware you will need
01.40 A quick review of the Blynk platform
01.50 How to get the most out of this course

Getting started with Blynk :
02.10 Your first Blynk app using the public server, review
02.20 The Arduino Nano 33 IoT
02.30 Install the Blynk app, create an account
02.40 Create a new Blynk app
02.50 How to use a virtual pin
02.60 Replace the Arduino Nano 33 IoT with an ESP32

Blynk with two or more devices :
03.10 Dual-device example with Arduino Nano 33 IoT and ESP32
03.20 Setup project in Blynk
03.30 Sketch for the Arduino and the ESP32
03.40 Dual-device project demonstration

Explore some of the Blynk widgets :
04.05 How to do these Blynk experiments
04.10 About pins
04.20 Button and styled button
04.25 Hardware button LED
04.26 Hardware potentiometer LED
04.30 Vertical and horizontal slider
04.35 Vertical and horizontal step control
04.40 Joystick
04.50 zeRGBa color picker
04.60 Timer
04.70 LCD with Sensor MCP9808 precision temp sensor (simple)
04.75 LCD with Sensor MCP9808 precision temp sensor (advanced)
04.80 Value and Labeled value display
04.85 Superchart
04.90 Gauge push/pull
04.95 Gauge with accelerometer
04.100 Level with accelerometer
04.110 Terminal receive
04.115 Terminal send
04.120 Email notification
04.130 Smartphone notifications

Setup a private Blynk server on a Raspberry Pi Zero W :
05.05 What is this section about?
05.10 Prepare the Raspberry Pi Zero W with the OS
05.12 Boot the Raspberry Pi for the first time and basic configuration
05.20 Optimise OS for RPi Zero
05.30 Install the Blynk server
05.40 Test private server with a new Blynk project

Private Blynk server configuration :
06.10 Introduction to Blynk server configuration
06.20 Setup autostart
06.30 Enable email notifications
06.50 Security with self-signed certificates
06.60 Access your Blynk server from the Internet with port forwarding
06.70 The properties file

Bonus Lecture :
Bonus Lecture