Udemy BLENDER : Realistic Vehicle Creation From Start To Finish

Video Introducing this tutorial

Modeling :
001_Adding the reference images
002_start modeling the front part
003_continue extruding faces in the front part of the van
004_modeling the door
005_we still in the side view of the van
006_Learn how to apply the shrinkwrap modefire
007_modeling the back side of the car
008_modeling the roof
009_starting adding details to the van
010_starting adding details to the van part_2
011_Creating the headlight and the Grilles
012_Creating the windows and windows frame
013_Creating the indicators lights
014_Creating the mirror
015_Creating the front and back bumpers
016_Creating the front door handles
017_Back door handle
018_Creating the roof frame and the petrol cap
019_Create the windsheld wiper
020_shrinkwrap the windsheld wipers
021_Adding handle to the slide door
022_Creating whip Antenna and Windshield Washer Nozzles
023_Creating the wheel and the Valve Stem
024_Creating the tire part_1
025_Creating the tire part_2
026_Creating the exhaust
027_Cover the Van from the bottom side
028_Final editing before finishing modeling section

Unwrapping :
029_Unwrapping part_1
030_Unwrapping part_2
031_Unwrapping part_3
032_Unwrapping part_4
033_Unwrapping part_5
034_Unwrapping part_6
035_Unwrapping part_7
036_vertex paint
037_make everything ready and export the project to substance painter2

Add the texture :
038_Importing the project to Substace Painter
039_How to apply the color to the vehicles
040_Adding roughness
041_Adding side wrap decals
042_Adding text
043_Adding dirt and dust
044_add the final touches to body
045_Texturing the windshield, Front light, and Indicators light
046_Adding material to the mirrors and the door handles
047_Adding material to the wipers and windshield rubber borders
048_Adding material to the Grille
049_Adding material to the bumpers and to the bottom cup
050_Adding material to exhust
051_Adding material to the Wheels
052_Adding material to the tires
053_Adding the Final touch and exprot the textures

Rendering :
054_Import the texture to Blender and create the materials
055_Render with Eevee
056_Render the scene with Cycles

project files :
the project files
4k texture for the vehicle

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