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Udemy Blazor WebAssembly Full Stack Bootcamp

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Overview
Set the right Video Resolution
.NET SDK & Tools (.NET SDK, Visual Studio, Postman, SQLite)
Git Repository on GitHub

Jumpstart :
Create an ASP.NET Core Hosted Blazor WebAssembly Project
Solution Overview
Example Project Explained
Initialize Git Repository

Let’s Make a Game: First Steps with Blazor WebAssembly :
Introduction & Project Overview
Your First Razor Component
Component Communication with Parameters (Parent to Child)
Component Communication with Event Callbacks (Child to Parent)
Build Units with a new Page (and cleaning up a little)
Component Communication with Services
Add Bananas with the BananaService
New Models for Knights & More
Build Units with the Unit Service
Select & foreach in Action (Extending the Build Component)
Show Me Your Army
Not enough Bananas! (Display Error Messages)
Toaster Messages with Blazored.Toast
Success Message for New Units

Fun with Forms & Authentication :
User Login Form with Validation
Model for User Registration (also with Validation)
User Registration Form
Navigate the User with the NavigationManager
The AuthenticationStateProvider
Expose the AuthenticationState & Introduce the AuthorizeView with Friends
Page Restriction with the [Authorize] Attribute
LocalStorage for Authentication & Notify about the Authentication State
Add a Logout Option
Clean Up the Navigation & Add a FavIcon

First Steps with Web API & Entity Framework :
Model-View-Controller (MVC) Pattern
Add the UnitController
Get the Units with Postman
Receive Units from the Web API
A Quick Word About Dependency Injection
HTTP Methods Explained
Asynchronous Calls
What is Entity Framework? Object-Relational Mapping Explained
Install Entity Framework & SQLite
Implement the DataContext
ConnectionString & Add the DbContext
Code-First Migration in Action
View the Database with the DB Browser for SQLite
Receive Units from the SQLite Database
Add a Unit with POST
Update a Unit with PUT
Remove a Unit with DELETE

Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) :
The User Model
Authentication Theory
Authentication Repository
User Registration
“User already exists.”
Service Response with Generics
Add the Authentication Controller
Register a User on the Client
User Login
Login with the Client
Token Authentication with JSON Web Tokens
JSON Web Tokens (JWT) Preparations
JSON Web Tokens (JWT) Implementations
Use JWT with the Client
Authentication Middleware & Authorize Attribute
Create the UserController
Receive the User’s Bananas on the Client

Grow Your Army with UserUnits :
Add Bananas to the Database
A One-to-Many Relation: UserUnits
Refactor with a UtilityService
Build UserUnits on the Server with the UserUnitController
Get UserUnits Implementations
Build UserUnits on the Client
Show Me Your Army

Fight Battles & Climb the Leaderboard :
Add Battle Properties to User Model
Implement the Leaderboard
Create the Leaderboard Service
Create the Leaderboard Page
Change My Leaderboard Style
Create the BattleController
Implement the Battle Logic
The Battle Model
Store the Battle History
Revive Your Army
Add First Unit After Registration
Fight Battles in Blazor WebAssembly
Show Battle Log on New Page
Get the Battle History from the BattleController
Add the Battle History Page
What now?