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Blackmagic Fusion – The Ultimate Guide 2019

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Introduction to Fusion and Compositing
Different Ways of Importing Media
Files Supported in Fusion
Understanding the MERGE Node
Understanding the MERGE Node Continues
Adding Basic Animation
Resizing Composition
Flow Node and the Timeline
Cloning Nodes
Creating Background and Animating Through Timeline

Rotoscoping :
Fundamentals of Rotoscopying
Creating Ellipse Mask
Creating Ellipse Mask Continues
Animating the Ellipse Mask
More on Ellipse Masking
Creating Rectangular Mask
Animating Rectangular Mask
Bitmap Mask Using Color Channels
Bitmap Mask Using Luminance Channel
Introduction to Polygon Mask
Introduction to Polygon Mask Continues
Animating Control Points of Polyline Masks
Compositing Rotoscoped Element
Drawing B Spline
Drawing B Spline Continues
Animating Control Points of B Spline
More on Animating Control
Animating B Spline for the Next 40 Frames
Refine Tuning the Bslipnes
Refine Tuning the Bslipnes Continue
Selective Color Correction Using Bsplines

Polygon Masks :
Introduction to Polyline Mask
Introduction to Polyline Mask Continue
Drawing Basic Shape Using Polygon Mask
Animating in Between Frames
Creating Fake Depth of Field
Analyzing and Planning the Shot
Creating Multiple Polygons
Creating Multiple Polygons Continues
Animating Head Polygon
Animating the Body Polygon

Rotoscoping with Trackers :
Analyzing Shapes for Executing Shot
Performing Tracking
Connecting Polygon to Tracker Path
Drawing other Shapes
Connecting with Tracker Path
Creating Open Polys
Animating Bed Polygon
Animating Right Hand Polygon
Animating Torsoe
Animating Left Hand and Leg
Animating Head and Face
Creating D Poly
Throwing Shape Out
Animating Multiple Open Polys
Final Touch Up

Advanced Rotoscoping :
Introduction to Advanced Rotoscopy
Planning of the Shot
Drawing Face
Drawing Shapes Through Open Poly
Controlling and Adjusting
Controlling and Adjusting Continues
Drawing Leg Shapes
Methods for Freeze Key
Animating Initial Frames For Upper Body
Animating Initial Frames For Upper Body Continues
Animating Right Leg for 1st 10 Frames
More on Animating Right Leg
Animating Left Leg for 1st 10 Frames
Animating Head Polygon for 10 Frames
Animating Open Polygons for 10 Frames Continue
Creating New Open Polygons
Creating New Open Polygons Continues
Animating Torsoe Control Points
Animating Left Hand Polgons
Animating Left Hand Polgons Continues
Drawing the Right Hand Polygon
Animating Right Arms
Animating Right Hand Poly
Viewing Final Output and Alpha Channel
Introduction to Stereo Roto
Drawing Stereo Shapes
Extracting Tracker
Refine Edge

Keying and Compositing :
Introduction to Chroma Keying
Using Chroma Keying Tool
Suppression Method
Inserting Background and Clean up
Compositing with BG
Working with Garbage Matte
Keying using Primatte
Adjusting Matte
Merging the subject with BG
Using Garbage matte of Primatte Key
Generating Camera Movement
Importing sequence footage and Keying
Matte Cleanup
Keying Using Ultra keyer
Adjusting and Controlling Chroma Color on Edges
Merging Character with Background
Keying Through New Viewer
Transforming Character and BG
Compositing with Background
Compositing with Background Continues
Adding Smoke to Composition
Removing Chroma from Car
Matte Controls
Suppressing the Color Green
Merging Footage and Controlling Speed
Creating Fake Glass Mirror
Compositing Fake Mirror

Color Correction :
Introduction to Color Correction
Auto Gain and BC Node
Finalizing Color Correction
Midtones and Highlight
Color Supress and Exposed Footage
Creating Night Tone from Dayshot Footage
Using Blending Modes for Advanced Color Correction
Adding Lights
More on Adding Lights
Adding Floor Reflection
Adding Floor Reflection Continues
Creating Transition from Day to Night
Controlling Lights
Understanding the Color Space
Creating Matte and Lights in Photoshop
Creating Transparency Through Luminance
Sky Replacement and Final Touch up
Sky Replacement and Final Touch up Continues
Screen Blending Mode
Color Correction After Keying
Enhancing Colors

Tracking :
Introduction to Tracking
Placement of Tracker
Understanding the Tracking Process and its Parameters
Inserting Elements and Connecting with Tracker
Compositing Elements with Merge
Compositing Elements with Merge Node
Tracking Two Point Using Multipoint Tracking
Match Move Operation in Multipoint Tracking
Corner Positioning Tracking
Tracking mode to Corner Positioning
Troubleshooting the Track Point
Composite Banner with tracked Area
Tracking Motion of Mobile
Creating and Connecting Text with Tracker
Creating and Linking Callout in Tracker
Tracking Camera
Adding Multiple Object with Single Tracker
Linking Multiple Object with Single Tracker
Analyzing the Shot and Objective
Changing Object Color Through Tracking
Connecting Elements with the Motion of Object
Tracking from Top View

3D Compositing :
Creating 3D Shape
Toggle View and Gemoetry Axis
Assigning Material to Geometry
Merge 3D
Fundamentals of Light
3 Point Light setup in 3D Scene
Final Output
Create a Flag Texture
Animating Flag Expression
Freezing the Side of Flag
Adding Flag Pole and Final Composition
Importing PSD layers to Fusion
Converting Layers to 3D Image Plane
Animating and Movement in the Scene
Converting Video Scene in 3D Space
Depth Creation Through Camera
Understanding DOF
Camera Projection Mapping
Projecting Image on 3D Shape
Creating Floor Projection
Cieling and Wall Projection
Adjusting Camera for Projection
Creating Text and Adding Depth
Assigning Texture on 3D Text
Adding Lights
Camera to the 3D Scene
Animating the Camera Using Spline for Smooth Animation
Compositing for Final Output
Compositing for Final Output Continues
Rendering Comp for Final Output
Motion Graphics and Fusion
Animating the Background
Offsetting on Y Axis
Selecting the Frames
Animating the Width
Masked and Disapperaing
Creating Shape and Text
Masking the Image
Stylizing the Text
Changing the Appearance
Implementing Color Shapes
Angle through Transform
Colors Through Polygon Animation
Adding the Text
Connecting and Merging
Setting the Pattern
Creating 3d Depth Map
Defining the Shapes
Adding Details and Depth
Adding Different Vloumes
Adding More Depth
Adding Depth for Indoor Shot
Adding Depth to Coffee Mug Shape
Adding Points to Coffee Mug Shape
Drawing the Mask
Drawing Polygon to the Shapes
Animating Render 3D Cam
Working on stroke animation
Creating strokes for tracing
Animating for WriteON
Adding Background and Glow
Rendering Composition in different formats