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Udemy Bioinformatics with Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Module 01 - Introduction :
Introduction and Course Plan
What is Bioinformatics?
What is a DNA?
What is Protein Synthesis?
Overview of Bioinformatics Databases

Module 02 - Bioinformatics with BioPython :
Handling Sequences with BioPython
BioPython - Protein Synthesis
BioPython - DNA Composition - GC Content,AT Content and Frequency
BioPython - Sequence Alignment
BioPython - Difference Between Sequence Similarity and Sequence Identity
BioPython - Checking for Similarity Using Distance
BioPython - Checking for Similarity Using DotPlot
BioPython - Working with Biological Data File Formats - FASTA,GENBANK,etc
BioPython - Working with 3D Structures
BioPython - Visualizing 3D Structures
BioPython - Using Nglview For 3D Structures
BioPython - Using Pytraj For 3D Structure
BioPython - BLAST
Section Materials - For BioPython
Real Example with BioPython - Sequence Analysis of Covid 19 DNA

Module 03 - Bioinformatics with Biotite :
Biotite - Introduction, Handling Sequences and Protein Synthesis
Biotite -Sequence Alignments
Biotite - Working with Files
Biotite - Reading Data From Bioinformatic Databases
Biotite - Fetching PDB Files from Protein Data Bank
Biotite - Fetching and Querying Multiple PDB Files
Biotite - Working 3D Structures of Protein
Biotite - Quick Overview of Phylogenetics with Biotite
Biotite - Applications Subpackage
Real Example with Biotite - Comparing Coronavirus and MERS viral genome
Section Materials - For Biotite

Module 03 - Bioinformatics with Scikit-Bio :
Scikit-Bio- Handling DNA,RNA and Protein Sequence
Scikit-Bio - Protein Synthesis
Scikit-Bio - DNA Composition - Checking for GC Content and AT Content
Scikit-Bio - Checking for Similarity using Hamming Distance and Kmer-Distance
Scikit-Bio - Kmers and Kmers Frequency
Scikit-Bio - Sequence Alignment - Global and Local Alignments
Scikit-Bio - Working with FASTA and GenBank File Formats
Scikit-Bio - Phylogenetics - A Simple Overview using Newick Format
Section Materials - For Scikit-Bio

Module 04 - Bioinformatics Extra - Using Custom Functions, BioJulia etc :
Bioinformatics using Custom Functions in Python
Building A BioInformatics Package with Python -From Scratch
Building A Simple BioInformatics App with Streamlit
Bioinformatics with Julia
Thank You Note