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Big Data in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud

Intro to the Course :
Why Use AWS for Big Data?
Course Overview: What will you learn in this course?
Prerequisites: What will you need to complete this course?

Overview of Big Data on AWS :
What Is AWS? (optional)
Overview of Big Data on AWS

Storage :
Object Storage for Big Data Applications on AWS
SQL vs. NoSQL Databases
Databases and Big Data on AWS
Case Study: Duolingo and Amazon DynamoDB

Big Data Analytic Frameworks :
Why Use a Big Data Analytic Framework?
Big Data Analytic Frameworks on AWS
Case Study: Yelp and Amazon EMR

Data Warehousing :
Data Warehousing on AWS
Case Study: Pinterest and Amazon Redshift

Real-Time Big Data Analytics :
What Is Real-Time/Streaming Data?
Real-Time Big Data Services on AWS
Case Study: Netflix and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning :
What Are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on AWS
Case Study: CSPAN and Amazon Rekognition

Business Intelligence :
Business Intelligence on AWS: Amazon Quicksight

Big Data Computation :
Big Data Computation on AWS
Case Study: Shell and Amazon EC2

Putting It All Together :
Data Movement on AWS
Serverless Big Data Computations

Conclusion :
Bonus lecture: Where to next? Discounts on other AWS courses