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Bible Study: Accepting Your Identity In Christ- Full Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Overview :
Meet Your Host
Personal Testimony
What You Will Need
The Problem With Identity

Our Identity Before We Know Christ :
Section Introduction
The Nature Of God
Adam's Relationship With God
Separated From God
Our Identity Before We Know Christ
How Our Relationship With God Is Healed
Section Quiz
7 questions

Learning To Love Who God Made You To Be :
Challenge: Life Application
God Has Good Plans for You
God Made You On Purpose
Your Calling Follows Your Identity
Section Quiz
6 questions

Who God Says You Are :
What's Happening In Your Mind?
There Is Work To Do
Core Beliefs & Biblical Psychology (+Add text notes?)
How Core Beliefs Effect Your Life
I'm Unwanted
Truth: I'm Never Alone
I'm Unlovable
Truth: I Am Beloved
I'm Incapable
Truth: I'm Victorious In Christ
I'm Worthless
Truth: I'm God's Precious Treasure
I'm A Victim
Truth: I've Been Given Power
I'm A Bad Person
Truth: I'm A New Creation
I'm Hopeless
Truth: I Have Hope
I'm Shameful
Truth: I'm Wonderfully Made
I'm Unforgivable
Truth: I'm Forgiven
The Renewal Of Your Mind
BONUS DOWNLOAD: Identity Manifesto Screensavers
Additional Encouraging Identity Verses
Section Quiz
12 questions

Affirm Gods Understanding Of You :
God is the Alpha & Omega
Meet The Heavenly You

3 Steps To Accept Your True Identity :
What To Expect
Self Confidence Vs. God Confidence
Incorrect Thoughts and Feelings
What is the Bible good for anyway?
Application: How To Defeating Toxic Beliefs
Step 1 - Take Every Though Captive
Step 2 - Tear Down Every Stronghold
Step 3 - Affirm The Opposite & Give Thanks
10,000 Times Rule
Application Example
Section Quiz
10 questions

Personality & Spiritual Gift Tests :
Exercise: Personality Test
Exercise: Spiritual Gift Test

Final Thoughts :
Until Next Time (Add Links)