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Beginner Object Oriented Programming in C# and .NET Core

Video Introducing this tutorial

Thank You :
Welcome Inside

Setup :
Installing .NET Core SDK
Installing Visual Studio Code

Big Picture :
What Is A Program?
Some Ways To Write A Program
OOP Basics
Big Picture Recap
2 questions

Inheritance :
Down To Earth Definition
Concrete Class
Abstract Class
Interface - Part 1
Interface - Part 2
Inheritance Recap
2 questions

Polymorphism :
Down To Earth Definition
Static Polymorphism
Dynamic Polymorphism - Part 1
Dynamic Polymorphism - Part 2
2 questions

Encapsulation :
Down To Earth Definition
Encapsulation Recap
2 questions

Abstraction :
Down To Earth Definition
Abstraction Through Encapsulation
Abstraction Recap
2 questions

All Together :
Summary Of All Concepts
Small App - Part 1
Small App - Part 2
Small App - Part 3

Farewell :
Last Words
Download Application Code Here