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Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started With HTML :
Intro to Web Development
Where to get free live help
Installing an IDE
HTML: Building Your First Website
HTML: Lists, Paragraphs, and Text Styling
HTML: Displaying Data With Tables
HTML: Images & Forms
Exercise: Fan Site

Introduction to CSS :
What is CSS?
How to use Inline, Internal and External CSS
CSS: Element, ID & Class Selectors
CSS: Colors
CSS: Backgrounds & Borders
Quiz CSS Basics
5 questions
Exercise: CSS Colors & Backgrounds
Using browser inspector tools
CSS: Combinators
CSS: Grouping
CSS: Specificity
Specificity Domination
3 questions
Exercise: Extending your CSS skills

Intermediate CSS :
CSS: Text Styling & Formatting
CSS: Google Fonts
CSS: Images
CSS: Padding & Margin
CSS: Rows & Columns
Quiz: Intermediate CSS
5 questions
Exercise: Your first website using CSS!

Advanced CSS: Building and styling website :
CSS: Intro to building your first Website!
CSS: Building the Navbar
CSS: Making the Navbar Mobile Responsive Part 1
CSS: Making the Navbar Mobile Responsive Part 2
CSS: Creating the Form Group
CSS: Working with iframes
CSS: Working with images and box shadows
CSS: Working with text and image spacing
CSS: Building the footer

Learning to Code With Javascript :
Time to Javascript
Javascript Reference
Javascript: Comments & How to Link Scripts
Javascript: Variables & Strings
Javascript: Numbers
Javascript: Comparison Operators
Javascript: Logical Operators
Javascript: Arrays
Javascript: Loops
Exercise: Loops & Arrays
Javascript: Functions
Exercise: Javascript Ops
Javascript: Objects
Javascript: Bind
Percentage Calculator Setting Up the Form
Percentage Calculator Grabbing Elements With Javascript
Percentage Calculator Using Event Listeners
Percentage Calculator Algorithm & Prevent Default
Exercise: Percentage Calculators

Version Control With Git :
How Version Control Works
macOS Terminal Basics
Git Basics
Setting up Github on macOS
Github vs Bitbucket
Local & Remote Repositories
Working Through Git Merge Conflicts
Exercise: Pushing to Github

Introduction to Bootstrap 4 :
What is Bootstrap 4?
Downloading Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap 4: Project Setup
Bootstrap 4: Overview of Bootstraps Components
Bootstrap 4: Understanding Bootstraps Classes
Bootstrap 4: Using the Grid System

Bootstrap 4: Creating a Login Portal :
Bootstrap 4 Cards: Creating the Signin Portal Box
Bootstrap 4 Forms: Adding the input fields
Bootstrap 4 Buttons: Adding the Sign In button and Labels
Bootstrap 4 Grids Finishing Mobile Compatibility

Bootstrap 4: Skate or Die Website :
Bootstrap 4: Skate or Die Intro
Bootstrap 4: Working with Navbars
Bootstrap 4: Using Carousels
Bootstrap 4: Nesting rows and columns
Bootstrap 4: Modals
Bootstrap 4: Adding images and buttons
Bootstrap 4: Sizing Modals
Bootstrap 4: Building the Footer
Bootstrap 4: Working with Font Awesome Favicons

Beginner Sass :
Intro to Sass
What is Sass?
How to install Sass and compile it to CSS
Your FIRST Sass Website!
Are you Sassy?
4 questions
Different tools to compile Sass
How to structure your Sass
Sass Partials: Maintainable Styles Rules
Sass Variables and Imports: Create a clean Scalable Stylesheet
Sass Mixins: Save time & recycle styles
Sass Extends: Share style properties between other selectors
Final Project: Intro to our Landing Page
Final Project: Setting up our Variables
Final Project: Styling our Navbar with Sass
Final Project: Creating the Banner Container
Final Project: Adding Content to our Banner Container
Final Project: Doing some quick cleanup in our Sass files
Final Project: Using the Extend method

Final Project: Styling a section splitter with Sass :
Final Project: Using advanced Mixins
Final Project: Styling the next Container with Sass
Final Project: Finishing our Landing Page, Congrats!

Intro to Node, Mongo, & REST APIs :
Understanding Web Requests
Installing Node on macOS
All About JSON
Basics of Node
Node Modules
Exercise: Mastering Node Modules
Building Your First API
Postman, GET & POST Requests
URL Parameters & Delete Requests
Exercise: Creating a Node Calculator
Installing MongoDB on macOS
Working With the Mongo Shell
Searching for Documents
Deletions & Documentation
Swag Shop API: Project Creation
Swag Shop API: Creating the Models
Swag Shop API: Posting Products
Swag Shop API: Fetching Products
Exercise: Extending the API
Swag Shop API: Populating Data

Intro to React :
Swag Shop: Setting Up React Tooling
Swag Shop: Installing Bootstrap
Swag Shop: Setting Up the API
Swag Shop: Creating a HTTP Service
Swag Shop: Promises With ES6 & React
Swag Shop: Components in React Website Product
Swag Shop: Props in React
Swag Shop: Working With State in React
Swag Shop: Creating a WishList Component
Exercise: React Components
Swag Shop: Building a Singleton Data Service
Swag Shop: Creating a Notification Service
Swag Shop: Posting Notifications to React Components
Swag Shop: Observing Notifications in React
Swag Shop: Finishing Our Full Stack React App
Exercise: Extending Swag Shop