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Become PHP Facebook Developer: Password-Less Authentication

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Course Agenda :
Course Promo
Structure of the Course
Course Agenda

Fundamentals :
Downloading Xampp
Installing Xampp
Downloading Bootsrap and Atom
Primer HTML & CSS
Your First PHP Program
Understanding PHP Variables
PHP Functions
PHP Functions and Parameters
PHP Objects
PHP Operators
PHP Arrays

Facebook Account Kit PHP Development :
Creating Facebook Developer Account
Create a Facebook App
Configuring Existing App - PakDelivery
Creating Files on Secure Web Server

Begin PHP Code :
PHP Code - Begin Code Creation - Session Started
Verify POST Data
Get Access Tokens
Creating HTML Code
Working with STYLE Tag
Main Page Text
Creating Buttons for the Main Login Page
PHP Code for Form Action
PHP Code for Conditionals
PHP Code to Show User Information
PHP Code to Initialize Account Kit
PHP Code for Login Callback
PHP Submission Handler Code

Troubleshooting, Bug Fixing, and Testing :
Bug Fixing
Testing the Web Page - Facebook Account Kit Password-Less Login

Conclusion :
Course Conclusion

Bonus :
Reference List of HTML Tags
ClayDesk Free Web Hosting