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Become Oracle DBA:Learn Database Administration From Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
What We Will Learn?

Setting Up :
Downloading Oracle Software
Installing Oracle 12c Database
Startup Instance on Windows
Shutdown Instance
Make SQL Developer Run Faster
Oracle Live SQL

Database and RDBMS Concepts :
Learn Data, Database and RDBMS Concepts

DDL ( Data Definition Language ) :
What is DDL?
Connect and Start to Create Objects
Create Tablespace
Create User
Create Table
Create Synonym
Alter Objects
Drop Objects
Section Practice

DML ( Data Manipulating Language ) and TCL ( Transaction Control Language ) :
Insert Data to Table
Update Table Data
Delete from Table

Retrieving, Restricting and Reporting Data :
Basic Select Statement
"Like" Operator
Sorting Data
Limiting The Resultset
Using Ampersand (&) Subtition
Single Row Operators
Single Row Functions
Conversion Functions
Using Group Functions
Restricting Reported Data
Joining Tables
Using Subqueries
Exists And Not Exists
"With" Clause
Using The Set Operators
What We Have Learned?

Schema Objects And Managing Schema :
Schema Objects With SQL Developer
Using Dictionary Views To Manage Schema
What We Have Learned In This Section?

Controlling User Access :
Controlling User Access
Section Summary

Manipulating Large Data Sets :
Manipulating Large Data Sets
Section Summary

Homework :
Be Ready For The Homework

What is Next? :
What should be the next step to become DBA?