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Become A Polyglot: Speak Any Language Fluently

Getting Started :
What Does This Course Cover
What You Get With The Course
Frequently Asked Questions
The Power Of Motivation
The Science Of Psychology
Why Happy Students Learn More
Your Beliefs Determine Your Success
Psychology Quiz
7 questions

The Importance Of Listening :
Learn With Your Ears
Less Stress
What Should You Listen To?
Listening Quiz
3 questions

Shadowing :
What Is Shadowing?
Using Shadowing In Audiobooks
Using Shadowing In Movies
Shadowing Quiz
3 questions

Anki :
What Is Anki?
How To Download & Install Anki
Typing The Answer
Shared Decks And Review Basics
Switching Card Order
Installing Model Decks
Learn Phrases Not Words

Grammar :
Point Of View Stories
The Psychological Benefits
How To Create Point-Of-View-Stories
Grammar Quiz
3 questions

Conclusion :
Italki - Connect With Online Teachers For Learning Languages
How To Get The Free Stuff
How Long To Fluency
Where Should You Begin?
How To Earn $10.000 While Teaching On Italki (Full Book)

BONUS Chapter :
The Benefits Of A Bilingual Brain - TED-Ed
5 techniques to speak any language - TED
How to learn any language easily | Matthew Youlden - TED
Breaking the language barrier | Tim Doner - TED
Learning a Language Will Change your Life for Good | Christopher McCormick - TED
Hacking language learning | Benny Lewis - TED
Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works
How We Make Memories
How memories form and how we lose them | Catharine Young - TED-Ed
How to become a memory master | Idriz Zogaj - TED