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Become a 2D Kinematics Master

Introduction :
How far is she?
1 question

Most important tool for 2D Vectors :
How Far is She? (Solution) - Intro to Vectors
Vectors Or Scalars
1 question
Polar form of vectors
Adding vectors in Polar form (part 1 - simple cases)
Review question for adding vectors in polar form (Simple cases)
3 questions
Adding Vectors in Polar Form (part 2 - a little angled problem)
Review question for adding vectors in polar form (Angled cases)
2 questions
Angle of the resultant?
1 question
Adding Vectors in Polar form (Part 3 - Generalising - The set up)
Sum of two vectors in Polar form
1 question
Adding Vectors in Polar Form( Part 4 - The general formula)
Example Problem using General Formula
Review question for Adding vectors in 2D
2 questions
Vector Subtraction Method 1
Vector Subtraction Method 2
Another Example on Subtracting Vectors
Review Questions for Vector Subtraction
2 questions
Multiplying a Vector by a Scalar
Vector Multiplied or Divided By Scalar
3 questions
Unit Vectors
Cartesian Form of Vector Representation (Part 1)
Cartesian Form Challenge!
1 question
Cartesian Form of Vector Representation (Part 2 -Challenge question Solution)
Example on Cartesian form of vector representation
Vector Decomposition
Practical Example of Components
More Intuition on Vector Components

Entering the 2D world :
A complicated looking 2D problem
A boat in water
3 questions
The Ball in the Wind
3 questions
The Classic Swimmer Problem
The Swimmer Problem Review
5 questions
Meeting his Gf (Class Swimmer Problem Part 2)
Help him meet his love :)
3 questions
Challenge quiz on swimmer problem
1 question
Relative Motion in 2D (Khan Academy Resource)

Projectile motion Part 1 - Horizontal Projectile Motion :
Welcome to projectile motion - Which bullet hits the ground first?
Which bullet hits the ground first?
1 question
87% of my students thought this way
Method 1 - Quick but not very rigorous
Method 2 - Bus and ball analogy
Using the Bus and Ball analogy!
3 questions
Challenge Quiz, can the bus make the jump?
1 question
What's the time of fall? (Example problem)
How far did it fall?
1 question
How far did it land? (Example problem part 2)
Review on solving 2D projectile motion
4 questions
Water bombing your neighbour!
Water bombing your neighbour!
2 questions
Hitting the target
Kicking the ball down
1 question
Challenge question (Save the girl)
1 question
Classic Puzzle (Monkey and the hunter)
The monkey and hunter
1 question

Oblique projectile motion part 1 (Solving any problem) :
General strategy to solve any projectile motion problem
Calculate time, range and height
Calculating equation to trajectory

Oblique projectile motion part 2 (Deriving shortcuts) :
Equation for height, range and time of flight
Check your results (derivation of height, range and time)
Conditions for maximum height, time and range

Oblique projectile motion part 3 (Solving using 2D equations) :
Numerical - Min. speed to clear the spikes
Numerical - Time of flight for maximum range

Circular motion & Angular variables :
What's a radian?
Radians to degrees
Angular speed