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Beautiful and Dynamic Excel Dashboard

Introduction :
Dashboard In Action :
Drafting a Dashboard Design :
Staging the Dashboard Interface Using Shapes
Naming Sections
Grouping and Aligning Shapes
How to Create, Build and Update the Database Table :
Create a Dynamic Table
Building the Formulas for Database Table :
DATEVALUE formula for Created, Resolve By and Resolved Dates
SLA (Service Level Agreement) Build using IF formulas
Cleanup the Created and Resolved Dates using TEXT formula
Get the Created and Resolved Year using the YEAR formula
Determine the Quarter Created and Resolved using the ROUNDUP formula
Using the CONCATENATE formula to format Quarter Display
Using IF(SEARCH formula to find and format Ticket Drivers
Adding Conditional Formats and Hyperlinks to the Database Table :
Using Conditional Formats to Make Data Standout
Add Hyperlink back to Dashboard
Updating the Database Table :
Incremental Database Updates
Full Overwrite Database Updates
Pivot tables :
Volumes by Quarters and Months Part 1
Volumes by Quarters and Months Part 2
SLAs (Service Level Adherence) YTD (Year to Date)
SLAs Month & Quarter
Ticket Priority
Ticket Drivers
Major Incidents
Commentary :
Top Ticket Driver Commentary
Problem Tickets - Incidents - Ticket Drivers & Commentary
Average Tickets per Month
Ticket Volumes Forecast Commentary
The Dashboard Front-end :
Section A - Volumes YTD, Monthly Avg and YTD SLA Avg
Sections B2 - B6 - SLA YTD, Quarter, Month, Top Ticket Drivers, Ticket Priority
Section B1 - Quarterly and Monthly Volumes
Section C - Formatting, Arranging and Connecting Slicers
Section D - Commentary Boxes
Section E - Adding the right picture to bring it home!

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