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Beast Android Development: Advanced Android UI

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction/Setting Up Our Environment :
Downloading Android Studios
Nox Emulator

View-Pager Activity/Image Recycler-View :
View-Pager Pt.1
View-Pager Pt.2
Image Recycler-View Pt.1
Image Recycler-View Pt.2
Image Recycler-view Pt.3

Flavors/EventBus :
Adding Flavors
Using an Event Bus Pt.1
Using an Event Bus Pt. 2

Activity Dialog/Recycler-View Swipe :
Activity Dialog Pt. 1
Activity Dialog Pt. 2
Activity Dialog Pt.3
Swiping Through Recycler-View Elements

Advanced Recycler-View :
Advanced Recycler-View: Layouts
Advanced Recycler-View: View Holders
Advanced Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.1
Advanced Recycler-View: Adapter Pt. 2
Advanced Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.3
Advanced Recycler-View: Adding Data
Advanced Recycler-View: UI Implementation

Youtube API/Picture SlideShow :
Picture SlideShow Pt. 1
Picture SlideShow Pt. 2
Picture SlideShow Pt.3
YouTube API Pt.1
YouTube API Pt.2

Expandable Recycler-View :
Expandable Recycler-View: Layouts Pt. 1
Expandable Recycler-View: Layouts Pt. 2
Expandable Recycler-View: View Holder Pt.1
Expandable Recycler-View: View Holder Pt.2
Expandable Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.1
Expandable Recycler-View: Adapter Pt.2
Expandable Recycler-View: Data
Expandable Recycler-View: UI

Google Maps API/PDF WebView :
Google Maps Pt. 1
Google Maps Pt. 2
PDF WebView Pt. 1
PDF WebView Pt.2

Googles FireBase :
Preparing Our Project For Firebase
Writing/Reading Data to FireBase: Meet A Bro Fragment Pt.1
Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: Meet A Bro Fragment Pt. 2
Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: About Us Fragment Pt. 1
Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: About Us Fragment Pt. 2
Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: About Us Fragment Pt. 3
Writing/Reading Data To FireBase: Rush Fragment
Making Our Data Available Offline

Styling the App/Publishing :
Adding A Splash Screen/Launcher Icon
Custom Text Headers
Styling CardViews
Next Project
Our Final Project!
Publishing The App/Thank You!!