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Bash Shell scripting

Video Introducing this tutorial

Complete Bash Shell scripting :
Introductory Course Contents
Introduction to Shell Scripts
File System and directory hierarchy
Multi-Tasking and Multi-User
ls, cd, man, exit commands
rmdir, mkdir, rm, history, cat
cp, mv, inode, clear
who, whoami, tty, which, locate, pwd
How can you get the run level of system using who command.
1 question
calendar(cal), date, time commands and their options
vi editor and different commands Part1
vi editor Part 2
chmod and user permissions
chown, chmod, getent, chgrp
Background Jobs and no hangup
sort and Uniq command
Top and PS command
How to get thread ID of a process
1 question
Pipes And Redirection
Pipes and Redirection Part 2
Wild Cards
Find Part 1
Find Part 2
Find part 3
Find Part 4
grep command and common usage part-1
grep command part-2
grep command part-3
grep command part-4
Shell Script Introduction and different components and debugging a script
Functions and Command Line argument Processing
While Loop
Until Loop
For Loop and various syntax of for loop
If condition
Test conditions for file type and strings
Read User input and processing
Case statement, AKA switch
File Handling and operations
Exit Status of a Shell
Random Number and its use case
Arrays and iterating over elements in different ways
Here Document, Multi line comments, Ftp scripts
Trap and signals part-1
Trap and signals part-2
Trap and signals part-3
Trap and signals part-4
Trap and signals part-5
Installing Ubuntu in virtual Machine

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