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Backend web development with Django 2 – Build 8 projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting the tools ready for Django 2 :
Tools that we need and introduction to course
Your first HelloWorld project in Django 2
Understanding file structure
Exercise files

Project 1 - Getting the basics done :
Our very first Django App
Configuring new App

Project 2 - All about Templating :
Project 2 and templating basics
Rendering from a HTML page
Adding an About Us page
Adding Contact Us page
Extending pre built templates

Project 3 - Interaction with Database :
Setting up command project
Creating our first model for sqlite3
Registering models to admin
Create Read Update and Delete from Database

Project 4 - Blog with static pages and Unique URL :
Articles app creation
ForiegnKey and Many to one relation
Adding articles in database
Configuring URLs
Setting up Home Page
Adding static files for CSS
Unique URL for articles

Project 5 - Handling forms and taking input from user :
Handling user input via forms - setup
Preparing models and admin
Fixing views and other issues
Making templates look great and static files
Fetching data from database
Interaction with Django forms
Taking input from user and storing it in database

Project 6 - A CRUD blog from user input :
Jump start of CRUD Project
Reusing admin fields in web page
Update from database
Delete from database and reverse lazy URLs

Project 7 - A TODO list with sqlite3 :
How we will take down this TODO project
Create models for database
setting up templates and static files
Adding a todo and decorator
Finishing up TODO

Project 8 - Login, Logout and SignUp :
Setup URL for Login
Having a login view
A working login and logout
A complete signup App

Thanks and some words :