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Udemy Azure LOG ANALYTICS Inside-Out [created Jan 2020]

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
For BEST experience - Important Tips
What are we going to learn
What is Log Analytics
Firewall Requirements
A Humble Request

Setting up the Log Analytics workspace :
Create a Log Analytics workspace in the Azure portal
A Peek inside the new workspace (Overview)
Connecting Data Sources to the workspace

Send VM data to workspace :
Using VM extensions to connect to Log Analytics
Connect VM to workspace using agent on Windows
Configure agent to send data to multiple workspaces [Windows]
Connect VM to workspace using agent on Linux
Verify VMs are connected and sending data to workspace
Supported OS for Windows Agent
Supported OS for Linux Agent

Starting with your own Queries :
Free Demo Environment
Running your first query and view collected data
Enjoying this course!
Collecting Perf and Events data
Query Window Settings
Save Queries
Load Saved Queries
Export Query Results
What did you learn
4 questions

More on Queries :
Basic Queries
Logical Operators
equals and notequals
has operators
startswith and endswith
in and has_any
distinct and count operators
Sort and Top
Picking Columns to display (project, project-away)
extend operator (bonus: iff, round)
Computer Groups
Setting Query Scope
String Comparison Operators
Arithmetic Operators
More Practice
Other Useful operators in Azure Monitor log queries

More Datasources :
Connect Storage Account
Collecting Syslog data

Monitoring Solutions :
What are Monitoring Solutions
List Available Solutions
Install Solutions
Review Agent Health Solution
Delete a Solution
More practice: Install Solutions another way
Solution Targeting
What did you learn
4 questions

Service Map :
Service Map Introduction
What is Service Map?
Creating the Service Map Solution
Installing the Dependency Agent
Accessing Service Map Solution
Service Map Basic UI
Set Time Range
Status Badges and Color Codes
Machine Groups
Process Filter
Finding Failed Connections
A Humble Request
Changing Focus Machine
Self Links
Machine Summary
Process Summary
Integration with other solutions
What did you learn
7 questions

Change Tracking :
Enabling Change Tracking Part 1
Enabling Change Tracking Part 2
Exploring Change Tracking Solution
Change Tracking Options
Change a tracked Linux File
Test Linux File Change Tracking
Manage Machines onboarded to Solutions

Alerts :
Create Alerts
Manage Alerts & A Challenge

Custom Logs and Custom Fields :
2 lectures
Custom Fields
Custom Logs

Pricing :
2 lectures
View Usage and Cost
Pricing Calculator

Visualization :
8 lectures
View Designer vs Workbooks
Get Started with Workbooks
Dynamic Charts with exported parameters
Creating Parameters
More on Parameters
Conditional Visibility
Add Metric Chart
Workbook - Conclusion

Thank You! :
1 lecture
Thank You!

Bonus Content :
9 lectures
Real World Problems - Parsing Custom Application Logs [Added: 12-May-20]
Lab: FirewallQueryWithDataTable
Enjoying this course!
Real World Problem- Query to find Free DiskSpace / Disk Usage [Added: 26-May-20]
Lab: Find Computers below Free Disk Percent threshold Basic Query
Lab: Find Computers low on Disk Space - Advanced Query
Enjoying this course!
Real World Problem- Query Disk Usage in Linux [Added: 31-May-2020]
Lab: Find Linux Computers low on Disk Space - Advanced Query