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Udemy Azure Data Engineer – Interview Preparation Practice Test

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction:
1. Introduction of the course
2. Introducing your experience on Azure
3. Explaining project architecture

2. Azure Data Factory:
1. What is Azure Data Factory
2. What is Integration Runtime
2.1 IR Billing
2.2 IR Types
3. What is difference between Parameters and Variables
3.1 Global Parameters
4. Can you tell me about Copy Data activity
4.1 Capture Source File Path
4.2 Copy Activity documentation
5. What is special in ADF Monitor
6. What are the best practices in ADF
6.1 More on ADF best practices
7. Do you know how to ingest data using metadata
8. How do you retrieve error details
9. Ending the ADF section
9.1 Data Flow Concepts
9.2 Github Support
10. ADF Quiz

3. Storage Services:
1. What is difference between Blob and ADLS Gen 2
1.1 Storage Services - Microsoft Documentation
2. Tricky questions on storage services and archiving the data
3. Storage Quiz

4. Data Processing Computes - Databricks, HDInsight:
1. What do you know about Azure Databricks
1.1 Big Data File Formats
2. Are there any cons using Azure Databricks
3. Azure Databricks Best Practices
4. Tell me about HDInsight
5. What is not good about HDInsight
6. Databricks Quiz

5. Azure SQL and Synapse Analytics:
1. Why one should go for Azure SQL DB or Synapse Analytics
2. What are the Azure SQL DB Products you know
3. Migration tools to Azure SQL
4. What is Good and Bad about Synapse Analytics
5. Synapse Analytics Best Practices
6. How you secure the data
7. SQL Quiz

6. Miscellanious:
1. Azure Data Tools
2. How do you improve the performance of overall data lake
3. Why ADLS Gen2 over SQL DB in curated layer
4. Have you faced any challanges